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Letter DKC2 sprite.png Volcano Letter DKC2 sprite.png
A map of Volcano in Donkey Kong Country Returns
First appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns (2010)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (2013)
Located Kong Isle
Levels 9 (8 regular, 1 boss level)
Boss(es) Tiki Tong
Previous world(s) Factory
Next world(s) Golden Temple (DKCR)
Cloud (DKCR3D)

The Volcano is the eighth world of the Kong Isle in Donkey Kong Country Returns and its Nintendo 3DS remake Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. The boss of Volcano is Tiki Tong, the ruler of the Tiki Tak Tribe. The world comes after Factory and is followed by Golden Temple in Donkey Kong Country Returns and a location named Cloud in the remake.

Kynan Pearson approved the idea that Volcano is the world Gorilla Glacier from Donkey Kong Country,[1] although with all of the its ice thawed, likely due to the volcano awakening.


DK and Diddy had to watch out for the Char-Chars that spread all over the volcano, risked destruction in a Rocket Barrel & Mine Cart ride, devastated rock barriers with Rambi in the midst from steam, escaped from fireballs, survived an eruption and reached the tower to battle Tiki Tong.


Image Level Description Enemies
Furious Fire.png Furious Fire The pair exit the factory's back door dealing by Char-Chars in various sizes that are around the volcano as obstacles.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Hidden in columnar basalt from front below.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Above a platform.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: In a bonus area whose barrel is hidden in columnar basalt behind "N".
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Pull the rope switch to spawn the 3 platforms and get the piece.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Hidden in the smaller columnar basalt in a small structure.
Tiki Goon
Tiki Torch
Tiki Bomber
Tiki Buzz
Hot Rocket.png Hot Rocket The pair goes on the last rocket ride where they have to dodge resurfacing rocks, falling rocks, fireballs, fire creatures and running away from a lava wave.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: In a bonus area whose barrel is above where two fireballs jump out from lava.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Inside a third falling rock where it is destroyed by one of fireballs.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: Near the lava.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Grab a row of bananas behind "N".
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Grab a row of bananas below.
Roasting Rails.png Roasting Rails This is the last mine cart ride and the most aggressive that the pair goes through, due to the volcanic eruption.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: In a bonus area where a skull barrel is under the second directional barrel. But the pair must walk in the mouth of Tiki Tong's statue to go in that barrel.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: On top of a pedestal.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: At the end of the tracks above.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Inside the cauldron.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Inside the second roof with lawn at the end.
Tiki Buzz
Tiki Goon
Tiki Tank
Smokey Peak.png Smokey Peak The last stage silhouetted amidst the volcanic smoke where Rambi makes his appearance to destroy various structures and stone weights. But first, the pair need to buy a Cranky Kong's key to unlock this level.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Behind the stage start. But first pair must destroy the stone weight with the Rambi.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Above from second block of stones.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: Grab a circle of bananas.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Break a stone weight to lower the platform.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Front from end of stage
Tiki Buzz
Tiki Goon
Tiki Tank
Bobbing Basalt.png Bobbing Basalt There are several basalt platforms that move, some crush and even others sink when the pair step.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Inside the cauldron behind the start of the level.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Above of a Tiki Doom
  • Puzzle Piece 3: Get all the bananas inside the deformed Tiki Tong's statue.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: In a bonus area where a skull barrel is above a basalt platform that dips and resurfaces on lava.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Blow a weathervane until the piece falls.
  • Puzzle Piece 6: In a bonus area where you must destroy the front wall of the structure with a monkey head statue.
  • Puzzle Piece 7: Blow two plants where one of them is the piece.
Tiki Doom
Tiki Goon
Moving Melters.png Moving Melters A great danger in this phase where the pair faced. A flood of lava taking the structures and several fireballs going in strange directions.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Inside a hanging bag.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Below the platform.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: The piece appears on the wheel before it sinks.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: In a bonus area where you must first blow a weather vane to get down the platform.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: At the end of the stage.
Tiki Goon
Red Red Rising.png Red Red Rising In addition to the stones that emerge from the lava, there is also a volcanic eruption that complicates the pair's life.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: In a bonus area where the pair must first step on the large stone platform, then a small part of it starts bubbling behind and then prepare to jump over it.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Hidden from the rock above the left.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: Hidden from the movable wall on the right.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Hidden from the stone platform on the left that appears.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Hidden from the movable wall on the left.
Tiki Buzz
Tiki Goon
Tiki Tank
Five Monkey Trial.png Five Monkey Trial This is the last key temple in which the objective is to go through the 5 tracks where there are 5 monkeys holding the different fruits. For that, the pair have to complete the letters KONG in all the stages of the place.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Passing the strawberry trail.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Passing the pear trail.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: Passing the pineapple trail.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Passing the cherry trail.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Passing the banana trail.
Tiki Zing
Screaming Pillar
Tiki Tong Terror.png Boss level: Tiki Tong Terror Before the final battle, the pair will have to ride a rocket barrel to enter the tower which is full of traps. Upon arriving from the tower, start the battle against Tiki Tong to retrieve the bananas from the reserve. DK & Diddy should be careful with firepower and physical attacks. But the pair always have to step on his hands twice and on his head 3 times when he do not have the crown. Tiki Goon
Flaming Tiki Buzz


  • Donkey Kong Country Returns Prima Official Game Guide (page 21): "The Volcano is the eighth and most dangerous world on the island. Hot lava bubbles below the platforms while fireballs and Char-Chars fly through the air threatening to singe your fur. Expect lots of flaming Tikis as you jump across narrow platforms that sink down into the lava. When you step into the Volcano, you definitely know that the heat is on. Keep a cool head as you progress through these levels, ultimately reaching the final boss. Tiki Tong.'"


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