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Letter DKC2 sprite.png Vine Valley (world) Letter DKC2 sprite.png
Vine Valley.png
The first half of Vine Valley in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns (2010)
Located Kong Island
Levels 7 (5 regular, 1 boss level)
World map
Kongo JungleMonkey MinesVine ValleyGorilla GlacierKremkroc Industries Inc.Chimp CavernsGang-Plank Galleon
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Vine Valley (also known as Fungi Forest and Forest)[1] is a pine forest behind from Kong Island that was the third location from Donkey Kong Country and the fifth location of Donkey Kong 64 & Donkey Kong Country Returns.


This location contains pine trees from various sizes, town at the treetops, mushrooms infest a part of the forest, mills, barns and various Tiki totems. In other side connected by a bridge, there is a temple and a jungle where the Manky Kongs were exiled.[2][3]


In Donkey Kong Country, this forest was explored by Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong as third stage of the journey to recover the Banana Hoard. Here the duo passed obstacles in the pine forests, walking in a village in the treetops, met with the Expresso for the first time, running away from the Gnawties riding the millstones, fighting with the Mankys, dodging the pearls spit out by the Clambos and had the battle against Queen B to retrieve the third banana.

In Donkey Kong 64 named Fungi Forest, the quintet had access to enter a part of it when they had 50 Golden Bananas. Here 5 Kongs had to change two times in a cuckoo clock to cross areas according to period and Chunky Kong faces Dogadon.

In Donkey Kong Country Returns named Forest, was explored by the duo for the third time as the fifth stage of the journey to recover bananas from hoard. They had to climb vines, passed several hidden Chomps, climbed lawns on hanging houses, used the Tiki Buzzes as transport, crossed several Tiki totems, jumped on mushrooms, transported by Wigglevines, fled in a swarm of spiders and had the fifth battle against Wacky Pipes to free Mangoruby.


Donkey Kong Country
Stages Description Enemies Animail Friends
Vulture Culture.png
Vulture Culture
As the name implies, the forest is infested with Neckies spitting coconuts and the newbie enemies are the Mini-Neckies. But this stage is also full of cannon barrels for the duo to overcome the chasms.
  • Bonus Level 1: The pair must jump on trail of 3 vertical bananas with a tire.
  • Bonus Level 2: The pair must jump on dry foliage where there is a barrel and break the wall.
  • Bonus Level 3: The pair must jump on dry foliage where there is a barrel and break the wall below Necky.
Klaptrap (bonus level)
Tree Top Town.png
Tree Top Town
Here is a treetop town where the duo will continually have to traverse chasms via cannon barrels.
  • Bonus Level 1: Behind the stage start.
  • Bonus Level 2: The pair must shoot the banana below.
Forest Frenzy.png
Forest Frenzy
In forest again, but this time it's full of vertical ropes that move.
  • Bonus Level 1: In a barrel cannon below that shows the tip where the part of the Neckies is flying over.
  • Bonus Level 2: The pair must jump on dry foliage where there is a barrel and break the wall below behind.
Temple Tempest.png
Temple Tempest
In a temple, the pair must escape the Gnawties on millstones that this time they chase as they pass them.
  • Bonus Level 1: The pair must take a DK Barrel and break the wall.
  • Bonus Level 2: Below the banana arrow pointing down.
Necky (bonus level)
Klaptrap (bonus level)
Orang-utan Gang.png
Orang-utan Gang
As the name implies, the pair fights a Manky Kong gang in the jungle where they hang out in the trees. It is very important for the pair to use the Expresso.
  • Bonus Level 1: At the beginning of the level below.
  • Bonus Level 2: In path where the letter N is, the pair must fly under the trees to floor.
  • Bonus Level 3: The pair must take a barrel to break the wall on second gap.
  • Bonus Level 4: The pair must take a barrel for second time to break the wall on first gap in front.
  • Bonus Level 5: The pair must take a barrel for last time to break the front wall where have the arrow plate on top.
Manky Kong
Clam City.png
Clam City
This stage is full of Clambos that shoot a number of pearls and in different directions. Clambo
Chomps Jr.
Bumble B Rumble.png
Bumble B Rumble
The pair face off against Queen B. where she flies around the arena and barrels to throw at her. She can be hit when she is yellow, but she is invincible when she turns red trying to attack the pair and falls on ground for the last attack she receives. None None
Donkey Kong 64
Kongs Golden Bananas
Donkey Kong (DK64).png
Donkey Kong
Activate a code 21132 on watermill (day).
Win a Bonus Barrel in a stable (night).
Activating the DK switch inside on giant mushroom (after the Kongs activate their target switches).
Win a Bonus Barrel in the Baboon Blast.
Take the Blueprint from Kasplat (yellow hair) and give it to Snide.
Diddy Kong (DK64).png
Diddy Kong
Activate the crane on top of the watermill and play the musical instrument (night).
In one of the barns (night).
Win a Bonus Barrel on mushroom top.
Win a Bonus Barrel if Diddy win the owl challenge (night).
Take the Blueprint from Kasplat (red hair) and give it to Snide.
Lanky Kong.png
Lanky Kong
Defeat the Flip-Flaps in the attic of the watermill (night and receive Homing Ammo from Funky first).
In one of the doors at the mushroom top.
Activate the color sequence on one of the doors at the mushroom top.
Beat the Rabbit for the second time (day and get the OrangSprint in the Crystal Caves).
Take the Blueprint from Kasplat (blue hair) and give it to Snide.
Tiny Kong (DK64).png
Tiny Kong
Defeat a spider in the watermill (night).
Activating Tiny Switch inside the giant mushroom.
Defeat all Klaptraps inside the trunk.
To grow a beanstalk in the garden (if Tiny take the seed inside the trunk).
Take the Blueprint from Kasplat (purple hair) and give it to Snide.
Chunky Kong.png
Chunky Kong
Passing the Mine Cart challenge in a well by collecting 50 coins.
Activate a grinder by playing the musical instrument and place 3 steel barrels on the conveyor belt (day).
Solve the Chunky's portrait on one of the doors on top of the mushroom.
Step on all the tomatoes and take the apple in the right spot.
Take the Blueprint from Kasplat (green hair) and give it to Snide.
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Stages Description Enemies
Vine Valley (DKCR).png
Vine Valley
The pair leaves the underground to go into the forest where they climb several swaying vines. This time, some vines are tongues of the hidden Vine Chomps.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Behind the stage start.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: In the bonus area located behind a Tiki Goon.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: Jump into the foliage of the abyss next to a Tiki Doom.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Hidden in a small bud below
  • Puzzle Piece 5: In the bonus area located in the foliage above where the vine is hidden (but the pair will have to climb the first lawn on the double stumps and reach the back)
  • Puzzle Piece 6: Take the row of bananas from the third vine and go back to the second vine to get it.
  • Puzzle Piece 7: Blow the flowers and get the bananas underneath them.
Tiki Zing
Tiki Goon
Tiki Buzz
Tiki Doom
Vine Chomp
Clingy Swingy.png
Clingy Swingy
The pair scale on the lawns planted in the timber load and huts supported by ropes. There are some of them where the rope breaks and they start to swing.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: In large bud on top of the swinging platform.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: In the bonus area, where a skull barrel is located above after check point.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: In large bud located on the lawn around the hut.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Up on the swinging timber load.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Down on the lawn around the trunk.
Tiki Zing
Shooting Chomp
Cling Cobra
Flutter Flyaway.png
Flutter Flyaway
Several Tiki Buzzes of all sizes with platforms are flying over the tops of the trees, which is an opportunity for the pair to use them as transport and cross pits.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: At the end of the ascent in the form of an 8 on the left.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: In lawn above where you have to jump on the first mushroom before.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: In bonus area below double the Tiki Buzzes and hit the ground at the end of the path.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: In middle from the small Tiki Buzzes trio.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Catch a handful of bananas in circles.
  • Puzzle Piece 6: Catch without entering the directional barrel.
  • Puzzle Piece 7: On top of a purple Skittler.
Tiki Buzz
Tiki Goon
Tippin' Totems.png
Tippin' Totems
Several Tiki totems are located throughout the level where some serve as platforms for duos and others as traps. But first, the pair need to buy a key from Cranky's shop to unlock this level.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Hidden in the foliage below and on left side.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Catch the row of bananas that the totems are moving on.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: In bonus area, where the pair have to hit the circular floor after the middle of the level.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: In large bud upside down.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: In bonus area where you have to go to the banana below.
  • Puzzle Piece 6: Hidden on top of foliage before the letter G.
  • Puzzle Piece 7: Catch the bananas in a row of hippos.
Shooting Chomp
Tiki Goon
Longshot Launch.png
Longshot Launch
Like Tree Top Town stage, this level is full of cannon barrels where the pair must go through various things here.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Behind the stage start where have the coin below.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Go back to enter a skull barrel.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: Shoot towards the foliage on top.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: In place where have the big bud, go to the back where have the flower below.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: In same place you took the 4th Puzzle Piece, it hits the circular floor and is hidden in the big bud on the right side.
  • Puzzle Piece 6: In the bonus area where the pair have to hit the circular floor.
  • Puzzle Piece 7: In the big bud below the stage end.
Tiki Boing
Green Chomp
Tiki Buzz
Tiki Zing
Springy Spores.png
Springy Spores
A part of this forest is full of mushrooms that are perfect for jumping and of course there are Green Chomps that camouflage themselves in the middle of them because of their tongues.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Hidden on foliage on the right side (after breaking the split trunk on the ground).
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Above the mushroom near the thorn plantation.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: Go to the lawn on the second roof and climb on the left side.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Step on the 3 hippos until they drop.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: In the bonus area where the pair have to follow a row of bananas below.
  • Puzzle Piece 6: In top of a Green Chomp on pit.
  • Puzzle Piece 7: Below the mushroom with the coin on top.
Tiki Goon
Tiki Buzz
Green Chomp
Wigglevine Wonders.png
Wigglevine Wonders
The pair will need the guidance of the Wigglevines at this stage, of course Tiki Zings of all sizes will get in the way.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Hidden in the foliage above where there is a Tiki Goon.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: In large bud.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: In the bonus area where the pair have to go to a platform behind above hidden in the foliage and climb up on the little Wigglevines to go to the cannon barrel.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: In a bag above where the pair first have to get a barrel hidden in the foliage behind.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Break through the split trunk to go into a barrel cannon that is hidden in the foliage below.
  • Puzzle Piece 6: In large bud.
  • Puzzle Piece 7: In large bud.
Tiki Goon
Tiki Doom
Green Chomp
Tiki Zing
Vine Chomp
Muncher Marathon.png
Muncher Marathon
When the pair destroys the split trunk, a swarm of spiders have been awakened and it's up to DK and Diddy to get out of here as soon as possible.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Jump on Muncher eggs to reach it.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: In large bud.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: Under the pit.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Hidden in the bush behind.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Hidden in the bush below.
Blast & Bounce.png
Blast & Bounce
This is the fifth key temple in which the objective is to pass with cannon barrels and jump on the tires to get the orb. For that, the pair have to complete the letters KONG in all the stages of the place.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Take it without entering a skull barrel.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Shoot from the upper right side with the penultimate barrel cannon.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: Jump high on the Tiki Buzzes to reach it without using Diddy's jet.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: In the middle of the two Tiki Zings
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Shoot the top with the second skull barrel.
Tiki Buzz
Tiki Zing
Mangoruby Run.png
Mangoruby Run
In this battle, the duo must defeat the Mangoruby (which is being controlled by Wacky Pipes). But for that, they must press the bottom pin and then the other pins on all wheels making the Mangoruby lose electricity power and then step on the purple balls of his body. If the Mangoruby enters the water, the pair will repeat the same sequence until they completely defeat him. None


Donkey Kong Country

“In the lofty treetops of Donkey Kong Country, you'll find a deserted town of wooden plataforms and huts, origin unknown. But while the original inabitants may be gone, the place is teeming with Kremlings and their friends, ready to ambush anyone who trespasses here. The barrel cannons are particularly tricky in the treetops!”
Donkey Kong Country Instruction Booklet, page 22
“The gaps are longer and more precarious. The Barrel Cannons are tougher to fire through. The creatures are bigger and badder. An entire zone full of crazy ginger orangutans features five Bonus Levels! This must be the entrance to K. Rool's kingdom—the fearful Vine Valley. You'll witness a variety of level types and will have to react with greater speed and accuracy than before. Just keep on trotting, and use your animal friends to their fullest advantage.”
Donkey Kong Country Returns Prima Official Game Guide, page 63

Donkey Kong 64

“Someone sure has an over-active imagination. They say this forest contains a giant magical cuckoo clock which has the ability to change day to night and back again in a matter of moments. Hrmph, I don’t believe that for a second. They can’t fool this wily old ape! Wait, there’s more nonsense too. A mystical tree? Pah! A sky-high mushroom you can go inside? Nope. Abandoned mills and barns? I doubt it. I reckon it should be called “Fantasy Forest,” as none of this stuff actually exists!”
Cranky Kong, Donkey Kong 64 Instruction Booklet, page 21
“Trouble abounds in this tidy world of toadstools and time shifting. The deceptively peaceful day can turn to eerie night in an instant. Keep an eye out for whatever is rustling through the underbrush-there is much to fear in the darkness.”
Donkey Kong 64 Player's Guide, page 73

Donkey Kong Country Returns

“The Forest is the island's fifth world and takes place high in the trees. Be careful when jumping, because if you miss a platform, it is a long way down to the ground. In many of the levels, you will need to use vines to get across areas without platforms. In addition to Tikis and Squeeklies, watch out for the ape-eating Chomp plants. In the forest, the flora can be just as dangerous as the fauna.”
Donkey Kong Country Returns Player's Guide, page 20



Interest Points

Names in other languages

Vine Valley
Language Name Meaning
Japanese レベル3 もりのみさき
Reberu 3 Mori no misaki
Level 3 Forest Cape
French Val. Vigne Val. Vine
German Traubental (SNES)
Trauben-Tal (GBC)
Grape Valley
Italian Verde Vallata Green Valley
Spanish Valle Liana Liana Valley
Fungi Forest
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ひるよるウッド
Hiruyoru Uddo
Day-Night Wood
French Forêt Foldingue Crazy Forest
German Wunder Wald Wonder Forest
Italian La Foresta dei Funghi The Mushrooms Forest
Spanish Selva de Setas Mushroom Forest
Language Name Meaning
French Foret Forest
German Wald Forest
Italian Foresta Forest
Spanish Bosque Forest


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