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Letter DKC2 sprite.png World infobox Letter DKC2 sprite.png
First appearance {{{first_appearance}}}
Latest appearance {{{latest_appearance}}}
Located {{{located}}}
Levels {{{levels}}}
Boss(es) {{{boss}}}
Music theme(s) {{{music_theme}}}
Brothers Bear location {{{brothers_bear}}}
Banana Bird Cave {{{banana_bird_cave}}}
Previous world(s) {{{previous}}}
Next world(s) {{{next}}}
World map


Provides info about a world in a Donkey Kong game. It is not to be confused with the location infobox.

{{world infobox
|title            = 
|image            = 
|first_appearance = 
|latest_appearance = 
|located          = 
|levels           = 
|boss             = 
|music_theme      = 
|brothers_bear    = 
|banana_bird_cave = 
|previous         = 
|next             = 
|map              = 
  • title = The title of the template. Defaults to the page name.
  • image = An image of the world
  • caption = A caption for the image, if it is necessary.
  • first_appearance = The world's first game appearance.
  • latest_appearance = The world's latest game appearance.
  • located = The greater location (e.g. Kongo JungleKong Island)
  • levels = The number of levels, including boss levels and extra stages.
  • boss = The boss(es) encountered in the world
  • music_theme = Name(s) and/or sample file(s) of the music theme(s) heard in the world.
  • brothers_bear = Brothers Bear's house (only in Donkey Kong Country 3 worlds).
  • banana_bird_cave = Banana Bird Cave (only in Donkey Kong Country 3 worlds).
  • previous = the world(s) that come directly before this one.
  • next = the world(s) unlocked after clearing the world.
  • map = a map of the world.