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Minigame infobox


This infobox can be used in normal minigames and WarioWare microgames as well.

|title= The title itself. Leave it blank unless the article title sans identifier is not the desired name.
|image= An image of the minigame.
|appears_in= The game(s) that the minigame appears in.
|playable= Any playable characters within the minigame.
|located= The location where the minigame specifically takes place at, if applicable.
|type= The in-game classification of the minigame, if applicable. For WarioWare microgames, the microgame can be found in one of the Microgame sets.
|intro= The description shows how to complete the microgames in WarioWare.
|info= Slot one of details of the minigame.
|info2= Slot two of details of the minigame.
|info3= Slot three of details of the minigame.
|controls= Instructions of how to use them to play the minigame. If it's possible, use {{button|n64/gcn/gba/ds/wii|buttonhere}}.
|form= The WarioWare: Smooth Moves form used as the controls for the game's microgames.
|time_limit= The time limit of the minigame.
|record= The initial record for the minigame.
|clear= Amount of points needed to clear the minigame in WarioWare.
|notes= Can be used for additional notes regarding the minigame.
|music_track= The name of the music track used.
|cost= The cost to play the minigame.
|prize= The prize the player gets for winning the minigame.
|sample= Sample of the background music used in the game.
{{minigame infobox