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Template idea for the prefix Media:.

Media: vs. :File:[edit]

Both prefixes display a link instead of embedding the image itself but there are some key differences:

Prefix Sample Special:UnusedFiles prevention Provides a file page link Provides a special link to Special:Upload if a red link has been detected
Media: Media:Kritter DKC artwork.png
Yes No Yes
:File: File:Kritter DKC artwork.png
No Yes No

That's what this template addresses by bring the best of both worlds together. This template should be used in main articles only!

Use cases[edit]

MediaWiki parsing Code
File:Kritter DKC artwork.pngMedia:Kritter DKC artwork.png {{media link|Kritter DKC artwork.png}}
File:Kritter DKC artwork.pngMedia:Kritter DKC artwork.png {{media link|Kritter DKC artwork.png|}}
testMedia:Kritter DKC artwork.png {{media link|Kritter DKC artwork.png|test}}
[[Media:|test]] {{media link||test}}
[[Media:|File:]] {{media link||}}
[[Media:|File:]] {{media link|}}
[[Media:{{{1}}}|File:{{{1}}}]] {{media link}}
File:aeilsdfilasjdl.png {{media link|aeilsdfilasjdl.png}}
File:aeilsdfilasjdl.png {{media link|aeilsdfilasjdl.png|}}
test {{media link|aeilsdfilasjdl.png|test}}


Uses {{!}}. Also hides media prefix usage with <span> tag and a simple CSS code. Special code implemented if a red link results from the file string specified.