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Location infobox
Franchise {{{franchise}}}
Series {{{series}}}
First appearance {{{first_appearance}}}
Latest appearance {{{latest_appearance}}}
Located {{{located}}}
Capital {{{capital}}}
Ruler {{{ruler}}}
Owner {{{owner}}}
Inhabitants {{{inhabitants}}}
Music theme(s) {{{music_theme}}}


Provides info about a location in any Donkey Kong-related game. It is not to be confused with the world infobox.

{{location infobox
|name             = 
|image            = 
|franchise        = 
|series           = 
|first_appearance = 
|latest_appearance =
|located          = 
|capital          = 
|ruler            = 
|owner            = 
|inhabitants      = 
|music_theme      = 
  • name = The name used as the infobox title; defaults to the page name
  • image = An image of the location
  • franchise = The franchise(s) that the location appears in
  • series = The specific series of a franchise that the location appears in
  • first_appearance = The location's first appearance
  • latest_appearance = The location's latest appearance
  • located = Located (e.g. Blizzard's BasecampK3)
  • capital = The capital of the location
  • ruler = The character(s) who rule or otherwise govern the area
  • owner = Alternative parameter for "ruler" used for houses, businesses, and other forms of property where the term "ruler" is unfitting
  • inhabitants = The species that inhabit the location
  • music_theme = The name of the theme(s) played in the location