Peach Ice Garden

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Peach Ice Garden

Peach Ice Garden during the daytime
Franchise Mario
Series Mario Baseball
First appearance Mario Super Sluggers
Located Baseball Kingdom
Owner Princess Peach
Inhabitants Freezies

Peach Ice Garden is a baseball field in Mario Super Sluggers. This stadium is an ice rink with Freezies, which act as stage hazards. The characters do not slip or slide on the ice. Peach Ice Garden is located in the Baseball Kingdom and belongs to Princess Peach. This locale is the home stadium for the Peach Monarchs team.

Peach Ice Garden makes an appearance in the intro movie. A Red Toad is seen running to catch the flying ball, but he sees that he is about to run into a Freezie. He bumps into it and turns frozen solid. Blue Toad slides the ice and bumps into the Freezie and Red Toad at the same time, thawing him.


Peach Ice Garden during nighttime

The Peach Ice Garden is located on the left side of the Baseball Kingdom, an island in the middle of tropical waters. It is connected to the island by a bridge. The tune that plays for the stadium is an arrangement of Inside the Castle Walls from Super Mario 64.

On both sides of the rink are two huge Mushroom towers. Star-shaped decorations adorn the stadium, a garland is strung atop the walls, and blue tapestry is mounted on the walls. In addition, there are stained-glass windows similar to the fresco at Princess Peach's Castle. Towards the back of the field is a huge golden stage with a massive blue screen showing a depiction of Peach’s Castle. Behind home plate are two flights of stairs covered with red carpeting. The two stairwells meet at a huge golden statue of Princess Peach and a window overlooking the garden outside. The spectators are all Toads who watch from elevated seating sections.

At nighttime the stadium appears dark blue and is illuminated by bright neon lights, and shining Gold snowflakes shaped like stars are spread across it. The chandeliers and the statue of Peach appear silver during the nighttime, too.

The stadium's mini-game is called Wall Ball, a minigame returning from Mario Superstar Baseball.

The Garden[edit]

Outside grounds of the Peach Ice Garden

Elegant shrubs, wooden arches covered with roses, and many types of flowers are located on grounds outside the rink. Cobblestone paths cut through the garden; and the garden is enclosed by white pillars and heart-shaped fences. Toadsworth runs the shop on the west side of the garden. In front of the entrance is a huge statue of Peach.


Touching one of the Freezies will freeze players for a short time, however they can be smashed to pieces with enough force. At nighttime, if the ball touches one of the star-shaped snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, the stadium will turn pitch black and the spotlights will only shine on the players. Shortly after, a spotlight will shine on the ball and after a short period of time, the room will be back to normal.


Stage select[edit]

  • "An operatic stadium with an icy field."

Collectible card information[edit]

  • Information: "Nestled inside a castle, Peach Ice Garden is a challenging place to play. Players often slip and slide on the icy field, and must be careful not to run into one of the Freezies, or they will instantly freeze."
  • Field Obstacle: Freezies
  • Fun Fact: "Though it might sound like fun, players are not allowed to wear skates in the Peach Ice Garden during games."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピーチリンク
Pīchi Rinku
Peach Rink
French Aréna de Peach Peach Arena
Spanish (Americas) Jardin de Hielo de Peach Peach's Ice Garden


  • When playing at this stadium during the day, the windows that overlook the outside show that it is nighttime even though it is clearly daytime.
  • In Challenge Mode, while Daisy is a statue, she wears her normal dress, but when she is turned back to normal, she wears her sports clothes.