Moo Moo Offroader

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Moo Moo Offroader
Moo Moo Offroader.png
First appearance Mario Kart Tour (Animal Tour) (2022)
Variant of Offroader

The Moo Moo Offroader is a High-End kart introduced in the Animal Tour of Mario Kart Tour. As its name indicates, the kart is black and white variant of the Offroader whose color scheme strongly resembles a Moo Moo. In addition, the kart has a yellow flag, beige horns, and a pink seat, shock absorbers, and front bumper. It uses a green and orange version of the Monster tires from Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which are used by the Offroader. Unlike the Offroader, this kart increases the duration of Dash Panel boosts and the number of points earned for using a Dash Panel.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モーモーサバイバル
Mō Mō Sabaibaru
Moo Moo Survival
Chinese (Simplified) 哞哞生存越野车
Mōu Mōu Shēngcún Yuèyě Chē
Moo Moo Offroader
Chinese (Traditional) 牛牛生存越野車
Niú Niú Shēngcún Yuèyě Chē
Moo Moo Offroader
French Buggy Brute Meuh Meuh Moo Moo Offroader
German Kuhmuh-Offroader Moo Moo Offroader
Italian Dune buggy muu muu Moo Moo Offroader
Korean 음매음매서바이벌
Eummae Eummae Seobaibeol
Moo Moo Survival
Portuguese Touro Mumu Moo Moo Bull
Spanish Todoterreno Mu-Mu Moo Moo Offroader