Monkey Mines

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Monkey Mines
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Advance) (2003)
Located Kong Isle
Levels 6 (5 regular, 1 boss level)
Previous world(s) Kongo Jungle
Next world(s) Vine Valley
World map
Kongo JungleMonkey MinesVine ValleyGorilla GlacierKremkroc Industries Inc.Chimp CavernsGang-Plank Galleon
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Monkey Mines is the second world in Donkey Kong Country. It is a rocky area consisting of several caves and mining areas. Money Mines also has a Mine Cart area and a temple. Monkey Mines is accessed after clearing Kongo Jungle, and clearing Monkey Mines allows Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to access Vine Valley.

Despite the name, these mines form part of the Kremling Krew mining network all over the mountain in order to look for ore until they are abandoned.[1][2]

In Donkey Kong Country Returns, the third world, Ruins, has a similar theme to Monkey Mines. Kynan Pearson suggested that he approved the idea of the two being the same location.[3]


Here the pair met Winky for the first time, rode the curves in a mine cart, watching out for the Rock Krocs, passed the Gnawties riding the millstones and had the battle against Master Necky to retrieve the second banana.


Image Level Description Enemies Animal Friends
Winky's Walkway This is the stage where Winky makes his first appearance and was filled with Black Drums where it summoned Gnawties. It has an entirely different layout in the Game Boy Color version.
  • Bonus 1: In vertical bananas where a Necky flies horizontally.
Mine Cart Carnage The duo travels in a Mine Cart, and have travel across pits and jump over any tipped Mine Carts and Krashes along the way Kritter None
Bouncy Bonanza The duo have bounce from several Tires. Winky makes another appearance.
  • Bonus 1: On wall behind the two Zingers where you have to break it with a barrel.
  • Bonus 2: In a tunnel where a platform that vertically moves is located.
  • Bonus 3: In an automatic barrel cannon located above.
Stop & Go Station This level is infested by Rockkrocs which are the tricky obstacles here. So the duo must activate the Stop and Go Barrels leaving red lights and pass the Rockkrocs before turning green. This is also where Klaptraps first appear.
  • Bonus 1: On a wall below where a Rockkroc is surrounded.
  • Bonus 2: In a vertical row of 3 bananas where you must use a tire.
Rock Kroc
Millstone Mayhem In a dilapidated temple behind the mining site, here were several red Gnawties driving the millstones in vertical and horizontal directions.
  • Bonus 1: Located above the start of the level.
  • Bonus 2: In an automatic barrel cannon above the 3rd Gnawty driving the millstone.
  • Bonus 3: On the wall below on the 5th Gnawty driving the millstone.
Boss level: Necky's Nuts In this battle, the duo must dodge the coconuts that Master Necky spits and then jump from a tire to bounce onto Master Necky's head. None None


  • Donkey Kong Country instruction booklet (page 23): The vast mines of Donkey Kong Country have been stripped of any ore they may have once contained. All the tools of the miners remain, however, from mine carts to rickety scaffolding. There are special barrels that turn the lights on and off, and risky mine elevators full of slag. Without a hard hat, mine exploration is not recommended, but Klump is not about to give up his!
  • Donkey Kong Country Prima Official Game Guide (page 40): "This sprawling system consists of mainly cave levels, finishing with a romp through a temple. All levels contain a Warp (the final series of levels to do so) and feature your first taste of a real challenge. You need pinpoint accuracy to complete the Mine Cart Carnage stage, quick and brave running to avoid the deadly RockKrocs in Stop & Go Station, and some cheeky leaping to dodge the Millstones of Millstone Mayhem. Finally, the differently colored versions of creatures you previously faced have the same attack pattern, but different timing."



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