Manky Kong

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Manky Kong

Donkey Kong Country artwork
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Portrayed by Chris Sutherland (1994-2003)[1]
Variant of Kong

Manky Kongs are male Kongs which they are the first that species to antagonize the Kong Family.

They are pale pink orangutans of dark (head, hands, belly and foots) & light tones (forehead, ears and snout), orange unkempt fur, bad teeth, brown beard, four fingers and three toes.


Background information

Manky Kongs wanted to be part of the Kong Family to be like Donkey Kong, but were rejected due to bad attitude and madness. So they exiled themselves to a small jungle on Vine Valley where they formed their own clan and a rage against Donkey Kong Family.

Donkey Kong franchise

In Donkey Kong Country, a pack of Mankys appear independently in level Orang-utan Gang where they were on treetops. But they became Kremling Krew mercenaries to stop DK and Diddy's quest to retrieve all bananas from hoard.[2] Their only attacks are throwing barrels at the pair, but they can be defeated in several ways.


Donkey Kong Country

  • SNES Instruction booklet (page 29): These Kong reject orangutans do know how to roll out the barrel!
  • SNES Player's Guide (page 16): Manky Kong is really mad. Probably because he was never accepted as part of the Kong group. The word "manky" seems to be derived from the words "mangy" and "skanky." It's certainly befitting for such an unsightly ape. Every time that you come across Manky Kong, you'll need to take immediate action. He has a never-ending supply of barrels and he's not shy about throwing them at you. Generally, Manky Kong will toss three barrels quickly, pause, and then start throwing them again. Use that pause to your advantage and move in on him!
  • Nintendo Power vol. 65 (page 20): This orangutan wanted to be a hero like Donkey Kong, but he got caught up in the thrill of barrel throwing and hasn't been able to let it go. As you approach Manky, hop over each of the barrels he heaves, then stomp him after clearing the final barrel.
  • Nintendo Power vol. 66 (page 17): A cross between mangy and skanky, Manky Kong hucks barrels for a living.
  • GBA Player's Guide (page 15): No one really knows why Manky Kong dislikes Donkey, Diddy and the whole Kong Krew so much, but he's one mean orangan. With his unlimited supply of barrels and bad attitude, Manky Kong is a pesk foe.
  • GBA Player's Guide (page 15): Manky Kong appears in many of Kong Island's areas, but he only knows how to do one thing-throw barrels. Chances are, you'll see barrels come rolling down a hill at you before you'll see Manky thowing them. Hop over the barrels and jump on Manky Kong's head to defeat him. You can also give him a taste of his own medicine by tossing a barrel his way.




  • The name has several meanings, for example:
    • In British slang means dirty.
    • The name has been shown to be a mix of mangy and skanky.
  • There is another Kong who is an orangutan called Lanky Kong.


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