List of Dixie Kong quotes

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These are the quotes said by Dixie Kong in her various appearances.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

  • "Hurry, Cranky, what does it say?"

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

Wrinkly Sleeping

  • "Oh! Wrinkly's asleep. I'm sure she won't mind if we save our game, though."

Meeting Bazaar

  • "Where's the shell from?"
  • "Is that a mirror?"
  • "Man, I love chocolate!"
    • "Yes, Please" (Yes)
    • "You gotta be Joking!" (No)
  • "So, who owns the castle?"
    • "Oh, do tell!" (Yes)
    • "I'm saving for Swanky's!" (No)
  • "Are there secret caves?"
    • "Tell me, oh wise one!" (Yes)
    • "I'll find them myself!" (No)
  • "Nothing today, thanks." (leaving)

Meeting Barnacle

  • "Aarrrr, that I will." (Yes)
  • "Nah, I like my shell." (No)

Meeting Bazooka

  • "Lock and load, sir!" (Yes)
  • "Hold fire, Brigadier!" (No)

Meeting Blizzard

  • "Snow problem!" (Yes)
  • "Snow way!" (No)

Meeting Barter

  • "Why certainly!" (Yes)
  • "Hands off, buster!" (No)

  • "Well, it is mine!" (Yes)
  • "You can keep it." (No)

Meeting Benny & Bjorn

  • "Err... okay!" (Yes for Benny)
  • "I'll walk, thanks." (No for Benny)
  • "It's yours anyway!" (Yes for Björn)
  • "Finder keepers, man!" (No for Björn)

Meeting Bachelor

  • "Sure will." (Yes)
  • "Nah, I kinda like them." (No)

Meeting Baffle

  • "No problem" (Yes)
  • "It's a picture frame!" (No)

  • "Hand it over!" (Yes)
    • "I suppose so." (Yes)
    • "Take a hike, buddy!" (No)
  • "No really!" (No)

Kastle KAOS

  • "I thought that's what he was!"
  • "I guess this just isn't your day, is it?"
  • "Right - You go this way, Kiddy, and I'll go that way."

Meeting Boomer

  • "Let's do it, Boomer!" (Yes)
  • "No way, you crazy bear!" (No)


  • "Whoooaaa - Big Man!"