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This is a list of profiles and statistics for Cranky Kong, including appearances where he had the title of "Donkey Kong".

Mario Mania[edit]

  • The nemesis to Mario in Donkey Kong and DK Jr. is undoubtedly the most misunderstood of all video game villains. While it's true he took Pauline to the top of trap-filled towers and beat his chest like an ape, that's only because he is an ape! If he ever appears in another adventure, we're sure his true, kinder, gentler, self will come through.

Perfect Ban Mario Character Daijiten[edit]

出身 サーカス
性格 暴れんぼう
登場ゲーム ドンキー、JR.、GBドンキー
「マリオとは、ファミコンが発売された当時からのつきあいだから、もう10年を超えるかな。あのころ、オレはサーカスにいて、マリオは調教 師だつたんだ。ある日、オレはサーカスの生活が嫌になつて、美女をさらつて、逃げだしたのよ。それがらなんだ、オレとマリオの追いかけつこが始まつたのは……」[1]

Donkey Kong
Place of origin: Circus
Disposition: Rowdy
Game appearances: Donkey, Jr., GB Donkey
Mario is my oldest friend
"Mario and I have been known each other since the NES was first released, so it's been more than 10 years now. Back then, I was in the circus and Mario was my trainer. One day, I got fed up with the circus life and ran away with a beautiful lady. That's when the chase between me and Mario began..."

Donkey Kong Country[edit]

Instruction booklet (page 27)

"Donkey Kong's grouchy pappy is actually the original Donkey Kong who starred in the many Donkey Kong arcade classics of the eighties. He considers those games the pinnacle of game design, and will have nothing to do with the newfangled graphics, sound and multiple-button controllers of today's Nintendo mega-hits. Donkey Kong will encounter Cranky throughout his adventure at his many cabins scattered across Donkey Kong Country. Cranky will usually be grateful for the chance to converse, specifically to get on Donkey's case about the state of games today. Although most of Cranky's conversations are hot air, he will occasionally drop a hint or two about the game, as he is anxious to pass on his game prowess to the younger generation of game fans. His problem is, he only has a three frame walk, so he can't participate in the action! Cranky can chew your ear off if you give him a chance, so once you get tired of him, just take off."

Nintendo Player's Guide (page 8)

"The star of the original Donkey Kong games, Cranky Kong, gives out tidbits of advice to DK and Diddy as they progress through the stages. He’s wise, but he’s really bitter about all the new fangled technology that’s being used in video games these days. Generally, though, you should take notice of what he tells you."

Instruction booklet (Game Boy Color version) (page 14) and (Game Boy Advance version) (page 19)

"Although most of Cranky’s conversations are hot air, he’ll occasionally drop a hint or two about the game."

Player's Guide (Game Boy Advance) (page 8)

"Cranky Kong is the eldest of the Kong family and without question the grouchiest. Cranky’s Cabin will appear in each region after you’ve unlocked a few levels. Visit Cranky for clues about the game, hints on where to find hidden camera and, of course, some of Cranky’s usualy grumpy rants.

Prima Games guide (Game Boy Advance) (page 13)

"Cranky's been around since the Game & Watch days, and he knows a thing or two about platform gaming. He unfortunately points this out to you in various ways throughout your visits to his hut. There are six huts to find. Aside from the verbal abuse, you get gameplay tips from the elderly gorilla, and when you've finished the game, he also gives you hints about the remaining Camera Pieces you must collect in the world you're in. Always listen to your elders—this crotchety loon has lots of great advice!"

Donkey Kong Jungle Action Special[edit]

  • Page 16: "Donkey Kong’s grouchy grandpappy is actually the original Donkey Kong. Cranky is best remembered for the time he grabbed a girl called Pauline and carried her to the top of a tall building. It was here he had his first famous meeting with Mario. Unfortunately what Cranky has to say about the heroic Italian plumber is unprintable! However, their exploits were turned into a best-selling video game which took the whole world by storm. Since then he has ’retired’ (some say ’banished’) to Donkey Kong Island where despairs at his grandson’s attempts to be a hero. Cranky never tires of telling DK about the good old days and all the adventures he had when he had when he was young. Donkey Kong thinks that deep down Cranky is really proud of him and wants to see him do well in the hero business. Big mistake!"

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest[edit]

Instruction booklet (page 26)

"Even old Cranky Kong is getting in on the entrepreneurial spirit. He's opened a Monkey Museum where inquisitive monkeys can go to learn about the lore of Crocodile Isle. Prepare to pay to get the best hints!"

Nintendo Player's Guide (page 6)

"The Kong Clan's resident curmudgeon returns to dispense his pearls of wisdom to the next generation of video game heroes, whether they like it or not! Cranky gives you scouting reports on the current area, inckuding tips on beating major enemies and finding secret Bonus Areas. Tips can cost up to three Banana Coins, but they're worth it. Of course, wise cracks are always available free of charge!"

Instruction booklet (Game Boy Advance version) (page 18)

"Even old Cranky Kong is getting in on the entrepreneurial spirit! He's opened a small outlet where you can learn more about the "history" and "culture" of Crocodile Isle."

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble![edit]

Instruction booklet (page 26)

"Your opponent in the throwing game, Cranky has the chance to prove he's No. 1."

Nintendo Player's Guide (page 9)

"Cranky, the star of the original arcade Donkey Kong game, is spending all his time and money at Swanky's Tent. He'll do anything to show up cheeky apes who dare to monkey around in the tent."

Instruction booklet (Game Boy Advance version) (page 18)

"Cranky claims to be in training for "Cranky Kong Country". It doesn't take a genius to work out that he could probably do with some help if you happen to be in the area."

Donkey Kong 64[edit]

Instruction booklet bio from Professor Cranky Kong (page 9)

"Yep, you read it right, sonny! It’s Professor Cranky now, and you’d better show your elders some respect, as I’m your only hope in defeating those rancid reptiles. My powerful potions will give you abilities you’ve never dreamed of and certainly don’t deserve, assuming of course you can afford my modest asking fee. Now don’t you go asking me for a potion of gameplay, as even my genius can’t rescue this game from its rightful destiny in the bargain bin."

Nintendo Player's Guide (page 6)

"If you looked up the word "curmudgeon" in the dictionary, it would show a picture of Cranky Kong. The old geezer is just as rude and abusive as ever. He's willing to help his five Kong relations with special potions that give them the moves they'll need to complete the game, but he will do so only if he can make a profit, which he does. Cranky's Lab pops up in every world just when you think you won't have to see him ever again. If you collect 15 Banana Medals and give them to Cranky, he'll give you a chance to win a Rareware Coin."

Prima Official Game Guide (page 13)

"Cranky is Donkey kong's dad, and he's not too happy about it. Although he complains almost constantly, Cranky also help the Kongs by providing potions-for a price, of course. Each potion gives the Kong who drinks it an ability that ape needs. Visit Cranky when you find his Lab. It shows up on every level, so suffer through his gruff abuse and see it he has a new potion to offer:"

German website

"A sharp tongue, lots of hair and loose teeth characterize the video game veteran Cranky Kong. Even if he seldom has anything good to say about his "good for nothing" son, as he calls him, he still supports Donkey and his friends in their exciting adventures with various potions from his laboratory. These wonders from the research lab help the Kongs to turn into true super apes! Whether it's a rocket back-pack, invulnerability, increased speed or becoming the size of a dwarf or a giant - Cranky is just the right one for the purposes of the ape clan. Since one has to pay a price for these helpful abilities, however, it is necessary to have sufficient banana coins on hand when calling on the brightest scientist of the primate world."

DK: King of Swing[edit]

Instruction booklet (page 21)

"Head of the Jungle Jam Executive Committee. He teaches Donkey useful information like how to grab hold of pegs."

Donkey Kong Country Returns[edit]

Prima Official Game Guide (page 17)

"Donkey Kong's grandfather. Cranky Kong, owns a shop in each of the eight worlds. In most cases, you must complete a couple levels before you can access the shop. In the levels, you collect Coins, which you can then spend at the shop on items that will help you play through the game. The items Cranky offers are top-notch and very useful. Be sure to look for lots of Coins so you can go on a spending spree at this shop."

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze[edit]

Digital manual bio

"Donkey Kong's hardheaded, curmudgeonly elder. He can use his cane to achieve great heights as well as easily cross spikes or thorny patches."

UK website bio

"After a spell on the shelf, Cranky leaps into action! He might look a little long in the tooth, but with his unique abilities and years of wisdom too, this Kong's still got what it takes!"

Prima Games guide (page 11)

"Introducing Cranky Kong as a playable character was a great decision, which will become apparent when you use this crotchety old coot. In the past, Cranky has seemed withered and frail, as he shouted negative criticism from the safety of his rocking chair. Surprisingly, there is some fight in this old boy still. Instead of using his words, Cranky lets his fists—or cane, rather—do the talking. Cranky uses his cane as a pogo stick, allowing him and DK to reach platforms up high as well as to obtain items along a spiked floor. Cranky uses his cane to whack enemies upside the head and can shoot his dentures with his—you guessed it—Denture Popgun to stun opponents. And you thought you couldn’t teach an old monkey new tricks."