Lanky Kong

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Lanky Kong

Donkey Kong 64 artwork
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Barrel Blast (2007)
Homeland Utan
Species Kong
Race Orangutan
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Kong Family
Occupation(s) Buffoon
Abilities Punch
Enemies Kremling Krew
Portrayed by Chris Sutherland (1999)
Kentaro Tone (2007)
“W-who was that!”
K. Rool, Donkey Kong 64

Lanky Kong is an Kong character with huge arms where he can walk with them, cross slippery ramps, hit his enemies and press buttons from a greater distance. He is the buffoon of Kong Family in Donkey Kong franchise.

His funny way as a clown, he is liked by everyone as Chunky Kong & Kiddy Kong. He really likes to mess with the Kremlings in which they are victims of his antics and even K. Rool is humiliated by him.


Lanky is a Kong orangutan with pale pink skin, orange fur, blue eyes and wears a red clown nose. His outfit is a short white shirt, blue pants with plaid patch (red & white), blue suspenders and yellow buttons.


Background information[edit]

Lanky was born in an island belonging to DK Isles called Utan. Tired of the boring ambience from his home island, he decided to move to the main island of the archipelago and start his career as a clown.

Donkey Kong franchise[edit]


In Donkey Kong 64, Lanky was the second Kong to be imprisoned by the Kremling Krew until she was saved by Donkey Kong in Angry Aztec when he activated the coconut Target Switch opening his captivity. All of his color-coded items are blue, he walk with hands by OrangStand, he gets the Grape Shooter, his instrument is a trombone, his pad is Baboon Balloon and his barrel power is OrangSprinty. Lanky battle with Puftoss and King Kut Out. In the round 3, he defeats K. Rool (with a spotlight on head) playing his trombone to chase him and slip on banana peel several times.


In Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, Lanky Kong is fourth playable character from selection in which his Boost is 2 out of 5, Speed is 4 out of 5 and Agility is 1 out of 5. His counterpart is the Klump.


Donkey Kong 64[edit]


  • "Who's there? Can you come in here and give me a hand?" (first meeting)
  • "Please let me out. I'll help you defeat K. Rool!"
  • "Cool move, DK! I gotta get some fresh air. I'll help you by collecting blue bananas! Come and find me in the Tag Barrel!" (freed)

Forest intro[edit]

  • "Yahoo! Come up here and get me, dummies!"
  • "Goodbye!"


Donkey Kong 64[edit]

  • Instruction booklet bio from Professor Cranky Kong (page 7): "A newcomer to the Kong clan and the joker of the pack. I haven’t a clue whom he’s related to – must be some distant cousin or something. Those silly stretchy arms give him plenty of potential, but I’m sure he’ll be too busy clowning around to be of much use."
  • Nintendo Player's Guide (page 5): "This knuckle-dragging Kong looks like a clown, and it's more than just a coincidence. Think of him as a twisted twig on a distant branch of the family tree. Kremlings and Klaptraps may snicker at his goofy gait as he ambles in their direction, but there's nothing funny about a hyperextended sucker punch."
  • Nintendo Player's Guide (page 118): "Long-limbed Lanky Kong has a distinct advantage in close- and mid-range encounters with his spin attack. In the Battle Arena, or on platforms in Monkey Smash, that can give you a big advantage. Lanky has some good jump attacks, as well."
  • Prima Official Game Guide (page 11): "This Kong is rubbery and goofy. Those long arms may seem clumsy, but Lanky can use them well. Just like his relatives, the orangutan has moves that let him get to places others can't reach. He's not the fastest of the crew, and he can't jump the highest, but Lanky's got all the skills he need to help take on K. Rool."
  • German website: "To the satisfaction of the other Kongs, Lanky has been at home on the DK islands for some time now. Originally he comes from the more distant Utan island, where relatives of the Kongs live.
    The society there was much too boring and conservative for Lanky, however, so that he was attracted to the slightly chaotic members of the Kong clan.
    Here he feels much more comfortable, since his constant silliness is always appreciated, especially by Chunky and Kiddy. Even a television offer could not move the enthuasiastic comedian to leave the island: he has been dying to experience an exciting adventure for quite some time! As a child Lanky made a bet with a friend, who could hang on a limb the longest.
    Today you can still tell by his arms that Lanky won the bet!


Music themes[edit]

Trombone Tremor - Lanky's musical instrument music in Donkey Kong 64
File infoMedia:Lanky Kong 1.oga
Baboon Balloon - When Lanky activate his pad.
File infoMedia:Lanky Kong 1 (kong pad).oga
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  • The character appears in Donkey Kong Country 3 GBA remake, in one of Funky Kong's minigames called Protect.