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First appearance Donkey Kong Land (1995)
Located DK Isles
Inhabitants K. Rool's ancestors (previously)

Kremlantis is a half-submerged ocean city located near Kong Island that served as the second location of Donkey Kong Land.

In surface, Kremlantis consists of Greek-style temples with Kritter heads on pillars. In underwater, it consists of a large series of ruins, a seaweed field and a Clambo giant statue on end of the map.


Background information

For a long time, this city was built by K. Rool's ancestors on an islet near Kong Island until it was abandoned because of the flood which became a natural habitat for many aquatic animals and of course the ancient temples that survived in the middle of the surface are still standing flooded.

Donkey Kong franchise

In Donkey Kong Land, the submerged civilization was explored by DK and Diddy as the second location from Cranky Kong's test.[1] Here the pair explored the temples that are visible on surface, swam to the underwater ruins full of Flappers, dodged the mincers in underwater left by the Kremling Krew, dodged the baskets full of Slippas, grabbed a bomb to destroy the stone barrier on map, escaped the Nemos and jumped into Swirlwinds until they faced a giant Clambo.


Stages Description Enemies Animal Friends
Tricky Temple.png
Tricky Temple
In an almost sunken temple, DK and Diddy face a huge amount of Kritters sent by K. Rool.
  • Bonus Level: In the abyss behind a Kritter.
Kremlantis Kaos.png
Kremlantis Kaos
In the underwater ruins, it is full of Flappers in vertical passages that hinder the pair during swimming. Fangfish
Reef Rampage.png
Reef Rampage
Underwater, it's not just the fish that are holding back the pair. It is also filled with mincers that were placed by the Kremling Krew to further complicate the journey. Fangfish
Snake Charmer's Challenge.png
Snake Charmer's Challenge
In the stairs of the unharmed temple, it is full of baskets full of Slippas and some are being launched to hinder the pair.
  • Bonus Level: Destroy the basket on top of the tire and jump into it to reach the bonus level.
Chomp's Coliseum.png
Chomp's Coliseum
As the name implies, the pair dive into the other underwater ruins that are the Chomps' natural habitat. Chomps Jr
Nautilus Chase.png
Nautilus Chase
The pair must evade the Nemos that will chase in any direction. But first, they need to use a bomb to destroy a boulder blocking the path of this level. Chomps Jr
Swirlwind Storm.png
Swirlwind Storm
At the top of the unharmed temple, the pair will have to jump into several swirlwinds that infest the entire stage.
  • Bonus Level: Jump into a cyclone to reach a trio of vertical bananas where the bonus level is.
Seabed Showdown.png
Seabed Showdown
In this battle, the pair will have to do a giant Clambo throw pearls at one of the oysters to get back at him. None None


Donkey Kong Land

“This gigantic complex of ancient ruined temples is almost completely submerged. That means that there are planty of Chomps and other biting fish swimming about, waiting to take a piece out of the Kongs.”
Donkey Kong Land instruction booklet, page 14
“You're not in Kansas anymore, Diddy! Ride the Swirlwinds in legendary Kremlantis and mix up those nasty Zingers and Kritters. It's a twister, Aunty Em! A twister!”
Nintendo Power vol. 74, page 11
“The ruins of legendary Kremlantis are rising from the sea! This partially submerged complex of ancient temples is teeming with hungry fish and Kremlings. Explore all of the regions and recover lost treasures!”
Nintendo Power vol. 74, page 18
“Rock hewn and rock solid is Kremlantis, ancient home of K. Rool's masterfull predecessors. Slight worse off for water than the good ship Gangplank, seeking as the entire kingdom is submerged! The majority of Kremlantis' wards have survived through being trapped in air pockets, though mutant winds roam freely about so beware! Of course it's inevitable that some areas are flooded by ice-water too, and it is here that DK and Diddy encounter the worst of their fears...”
Donkey Kong Land Nintendo Magazine System, page 13



  • The name is a portmanteau of Kremling and Atlantis.


  1. ^ "Cranky Kong: I'll call old K. Rool and arrange everything. You'll wake up tomorrow without your bananas." - Donkey Kong Land Instruction Booklet, Nintendo, 1995, p. 3