Kremkroc Industries Inc.

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Kremkroc Industries Inc.
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (2014)
Located Kong Island
Levels 7 (6 regular, 1 boss level)
Previous world(s) Gorilla Glacier
Next world(s) Chimp Caverns
World map
Kongo JungleMonkey MinesVine ValleyGorilla GlacierKremkroc Industries Inc.Chimp CavernsGang-Plank Galleon
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Kremkroc Industries, Inc. (also known as Factory)[1] is a Kremling industrial base commanded by Klump located on forehead of the Kong Island which was the fifth location in Donkey Kong Country and seventh location in Donkey Kong Country Returns.[2][3]


In outside, the industrial zones consist of sheds with silos and chimneys together. Inside on warehouse, there are a huge number of pipes, gears, chains and pendant lights.

The place where the factories are built consists of mines, cave and pond. With the expulsion of the Kremlings, vegetation is seen growing on the buildings and several trees showing that this industrial zone has been decommissioned for a long time.


Background information

Before the presence of the Kremling Krew, this terrain had all life and vegetation. The factories began their construction when half of the Kremling Krew supervised by Klump were sent by K. Rool to Kong Island.[2][4] During operation, skies were polluted by smoke from chimneys, entire vegetation dies due to land sterilization and a pond was poisoned.[5] This industrial base is also the heart of the mining network spread across the mountain.[6]

Donkey Kong franchise

In Donkey Kong Country, this industrial zone was invaded by Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong as the fifth location in the quest to reclaim the Banana Hoard. Here the duo had to escape the traps guarded by Klump where they had burning oil drums, walking on the conveyor platform, jumping on coal elevators, swam in a poisoned lake full of mincers, jumped from cart to cart, risked a blackout and had the battle against Dumb Drum to retrieve the fifth banana.

In Donkey Kong Country Returns under the name Factory, it was reactivated by the Tiki Tak Tribe to create an army of Tikis with bananas from hoard. It was explored by the duo for the second time as the seventh location of the journey to recover the bananas from hoard where they had to clean up the air, passed through the crushers, took the risk of producing at full steam, dodged dangerous machinery on a rocket trip, turned on a generator each in the 3 holds to activate a rocket and had the seventh battle against Cordian to free Colonel Pluck from his control.

In Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the factory became the seventh stage of the sixth location and covered in ice with rest of Kong Island. Here was also revealed in this game the power generator that runs the whole factory.


Donkey Kong Country
Stages Description Enemies Animail Friends

Oil Drum Alley
As the name implies, the entire factory is full of burning oil drum and has some that put out & light up.
  • Bonus Level 1: Below the first oil drum.
  • Bonus Level 2: In back wall below after the last Gnawty.
  • Bonus Level 3: In second bonus. But for that, the pair have to hit the three unique bananas to become a barrel and break the wall in front of them.
  • Bonus Level 4: In front wall where there is the second oil drum that put out & light up.
Manky Kong

Trick Track Trek
The pair travels on the scaffolding with a motorized platform and several enemies on top wait to attack.
  • Bonus Level 1: When the first platform comes to an end, go under it and head forward to follow the Auto-Fire Barrel.
  • Bonus Level 2: In a Auto-Fire Barrel behind the two Gnawties.
  • Bonus Level 3: Below the last Manky.
Manky Kong

Elevator Antics
Coal bucket elevators are in full operation in the caves. It will be very important for the pair to do a roll and jump together.
  • Bonus Level 1: Climb up the first rope to reach the bonus entrance.
  • Bonus Level 2: Climb onto the last rope with Zinger flying vertically to jump above and walk to the bonus entrance.
  • Bonus Level 3: Take the last elevator down to the bonus entrance.

Poison Pond
The duo swims in a polluted green lake where they encounter various obstacles. In place of the Croctopuses that always appear in underwater levels, a number of mincers appear that block every corner and are also invulnerable to Enguarde's attacks. Bitesize
Chomps Jr.

Mine Cart Madness
Unlike Mine Cart Carnage, the pair jumps off the mine carts and the Kritters above them are stationary at each end of the line.
  • Bonus Level 1: Climb the rope to go to the top mine cart and jump when you reach the part where there are no bananas.
  • Bonus Level 2: Go to the tire to reach the Auto-Fire Barrel.
  • Bonus Level 3: Underneath the sign with an arrow.

Blackout Basement
Klump's main factory is having fuse problems, so the pair will have to stay put when there's a blackout.
  • Bonus Level 1: In the banana below the last arrow platform.
  • Bonus Level 2: In the back wall between the exit door. For that, you will need the iron barrel to break it.
Manky Kong

Boss Dumb Drum
The pair will have to dodge the amount of impacts from Dumb Drum and fight the creatures summoned by him until he self-destructs. Kritter
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Stages Description Enemies

Foggy Fumes
The second silhouetted level on smokescreen of factories. Some collectibles are covered by smoke and the pair will need to blow or stand in the middle of the smoke.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Spinning the first fan picking up the bananas to the coin.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Above the wall past the first swinging suspended platform.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: In the third chimney behind after the first checkpoint.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Blow back when you reach the structure in front of an arrow barrel.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Hidden on wall above past the two drop-down platforms.
  • Puzzle Piece 6: Inside a horn.
  • Puzzle Piece 7: On top of the broken fan blade.
Tiki Goon
Tiki Zing
Tiki Buzz

Slammin' Steel
After eliminating air pollution, the pair find a variety of crushers are around every corner.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Above the platform where a floor crusher hits.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Hidden in a small fan behind the letter O.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: Behind the ceiling crusher. But to reach it, the pair has to be launched upwards by the floor crusher and catch the puzzle.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: In the bonus area located below the floor damaged in a massive ceiling crusher.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: It is together with the heart.

Handy Hazards
The entire stage is operated by a robotic eye. But first, the pair need to buy a Cranky Kong key to unlock this level.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Above the first gelatinous platform.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: In the bonus area where a skull barrel is located above the second hand.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: In the first moving structure.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Above the first checkpoint.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Above the platform.
  • Puzzle Piece 6: Behind the wall.
  • Puzzle Piece 7: Grab two coins in the 4 robotic hands.
Tiki Buzz

Gear Getaway
The pair goes on a rocket ride where they have to dodge gears of various sizes, crushers and machinery.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Hidden in the wall at the start of the level.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Hidden from the second pendant light.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: In the bonus area where an arrow barrel is located below after the second machinery.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Grab a row of bananas to the coin.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: In the top gear.
  • Puzzle Piece 6: At the end of a row of bananas.
  • Puzzle Piece 7: Follow a row of bananas with 2 coins.
Tiki Buzz

Cog Jog
This is the first basement where the pair must activate the generator. As the name implies, various structures are then linked and moved by gears.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Hidden in the pendant light behind the start level.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Jump on the banana below.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: In a small fan on the second beam swinging.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: In the bonus area above behind the Tiki Buzz.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Hidden in pendant light.
  • Puzzle Piece 6: Above a swaying structure.
  • Puzzle Piece 7: Inside a bag.
  • Puzzle Piece 8: Above a wheel embroidered with 4 curved beams.
  • Puzzle Piece 9: Part above the second curved beam along with a Tiki Buzz.
Tiki Buzz
Tiki Bomber

This is the second basement where the pair must activate the generator. Here it is complete with red and blue blocks on the walls, which can be activated one at a time by a round switch depending on which color is touched.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: In the bonus area in a skull barrel that is located on a path above where the first horizontal red block is behind.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Above the last blue horizontal block.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: In the bonus area in a skull barrel located above the structure past the square blocks.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Above the blue horizontal block in the second checkpoint.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Above behind the last structure.

Music Madness
This is the third basement where the pair must activate the generator. Huge drums and cymbals are played in time with the music of the stage, and even the devices work in time with the music too.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Pull the vine switch to open the stage start door.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: In the bonus area on a skull barrel located on the cymbal trio.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: In the platform area where you go up and down to the music rhythm.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Hidden in a drinking fountain.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Below the trapdoor with the BuckBomb and Pyrobot
Tiki Buzz

Lift-off Launch
After activating the 3 generators where the rocket appears, the pair enters it to reach the main factory. None

Treacherous Track
The duo needs to touch the lights to mount rails in a hurry, otherwise the platform will fall without return. For that, you have to complete the letters KONG in all the phases of the place.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Below the structure where the Pyrobot and Tiki Goon are.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Above a sensitive platform.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: High above the light.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Above the tire.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: It will appear below the sentient platform.
Tiki Goon
Tiki Buzz

Feather Fiend
In this battle, the pair must sabotage Stompybot 3000 by pulling the green chains and completely defeat Colonel Pluck (who is being controlled by Cordian). BuckBot


Donkey Kong Country

“The Kremling's crowning industrial achievements are the huge factories they built in Donkey Kong Country. These factories do not adhere to strict safety codes, and are full of burning oil drums, faulty lighting and perilous platforms. Enter at your own risk.”
Donkey Kong Country Instruction Booklet, page 20
“Welcome to the wastelands. This area of the island, once lush and overgrown with island greenery, has been stripped of all its natural beauty. Instead, smog clouds the air and there is a general lack of greenery. King K. Rool and his factories are to be held responsible for polluting the place. The levels of toxicity are high, so don't spend more time than you have to in this slimy area there are many Items hidden in the factories.”
Donkey Kong Country SNES Player's Guide, page 88
“Kremkroc Industries has many fiendish traps, mainly encompassing visual tomfoolery (such as blackness and jumps of faith) to provide the challenge. There's only one way through these levels, but a lot is hidden along the way, and it takes incredibly fiendish methods to enter all of the Bonus Levels. That K. Rool is one cruel customer!”
Donkey Kong Country Returns Prima Official Game Guide, page 116

Donkey Kong Country Returns

“The seventh world on the island is the Factory. It is a dangerous place. Some areas are so smoggy you can hardly see. In addition to the mechanical enemies such as BuckBots, Pyrobots, and Pogobots, the machinery in the factory is also a threat to your health. Watch out for mechanical hands and pistons that can flatten you if you are not careful. Since the factory has tall ceilings, always look up high for items and collectibles.”
Donkey Kong Country Returns Player's Guide, page 21


Names in other languages

Kremkroc Industries Inc.
Language Name Meaning
Japanese レベル5 カントリーファクトリー
Reberu 5 Kantorī fakutorī
Level 5 Country Factory
French Kremkroc et Kompagnie (SNES)
Kremkroc s.a.r.l. (GBC)
Kremkroc Kompany
Kremkroc Ltd.
German Krimskrams GmbH (SNES)
Kremkroc GmbH (GBC)
Odds and Ends LLC
Kremkroc LLC
Italian Kremcocco SpA Kremcroc LLC
Spanish Industrias Kremkroc
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファクトリーエリア
Fakutorī Eria
Factory Area
French Usine Factory
German Fabrik Factory
Italian Fabbrica Factory
Spanish Fabrica Factory


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