Jungle World

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Letter DKC2 sprite.png Jungle World Letter DKC2 sprite.png
Jungle World.png
First appearance DK: King of Swing (2005)
Levels Banana Bungalow
Tropical Treetops
Contraption Cave
Puzzling Pyramid
Boss: Congazuma's Castle
Boss(es) Congazuma

The Jungle World is the first world of DK: King of Swing. It is a vibrant jungle with a mountains to the north and a river throughout the area. Fallen trees or columns of derelict ruins act as bridges to cross the river's paths. The northeastern area has a pyramid. The world comes right after the tutorial level, Cranky's Lectures, which features a jungle background, suggesting that it takes place within the Jungle World but is inaccessible on the world map.

The first level is Banana Bungalow, set in an open environment near the treetops. Beyond the first level, the path splits into two, allowing for access to either Tropical Treetops, which takes place within a dense forest, or Contraption Cave, set in a cavern near the mountainous peak of the area. Completing either level allows Donkey Kong (or Diddy Kong in Diddy Mode) to access the fourth level, Puzzling Pyramid. Upon finishing all four levels, Donkey Kong can face off against the world boss, Congazuma, at his domain.

Jungle World is likely modeled after Kongo Jungle from Donkey Kong Country in that half of the levels take place within a jungle and a treehouse there is a cave level, and that DK's Tree House is shown on the map where Banana Bungalow is.

In DK: King of Swing's kiosk demo, Jungle World is the only playable world.


Image Level Description
Banana Bungalow KoS.png Banana Bungalow Banana Bungalow is the first level. As such, it is very straightforward, with several peg boards provided to climb up the area. The first segment of the stage doesn't even have any enemies, only Bananas. The second area has a Flitter.
  • Crystal Coconut: Hit a Flitter.
Contraption Cave KoS.png Contraption Cave Contraption Cave is one of the levels available after finishing Banana Bungalow. This level introduces levers and valves as interact-able objects that can influence how Donkey Kong travels in the level. It also introduces Neek enemies that scurry on peg boards and Kritter that climb and jump across pegs. A Bonus Level is inside of this level, where DK must break all the barrels in the area, and he will be rewarded a Crystal Coconut for doing so.
  • Crystal Coconut: In a bonus area where a bonus barrel is on the left side in the second part above.
  • DK Medal: Inside the barrel above on last part.
Tropical Treetops KoS.png Tropical Treetops Tropical Treetops is the other level accessible upon completion of Banana Bungalow. It is similar to the first level, and it features pegs that revolve around an area. Flitter are more abundant in this stage. Tropical Treetops has a bonus stage in this level, where Donkey Kong must get bananas, and will be given a Crytsal Coconut upon completion.
  • Crystal Coconut: In a bonus area where a bonus barrel is on the left in the second part.
  • DK Medal: Inside the barrel above.
Puzzling Pyramid KoS.png Puzzling Pyramid Puzzling Pyramid is similar in style to Contraption Cave, where Donkey Kong must use valves to progress in the stage. Their application is different than before, however; Instead of making pegs appear or making DK move, they will either move an obstacle out of the way or move the pegs themselves. The final area features a lever that must be pulled repeatedly in order to open a path to climb safely.
  • DK Medal: Inside the barrel above on last part.
Congazuma's Castle KoS.png Boss level: Congazuma's Castle The boss of Jungle World is Congazuma. It is a statue that is in possession of a Gold Medal. Donkey Kong can defeat it by landing a charge attack on it four times. Each time it is hit, it will become red colored and untouchable for a brief amount of time before resuming its normal habit of jumping around aimlessly.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジャングルワールド
Janguru wārudo
Jungle World
French Jungle Jungle
German Dschungel Jungle
Italian Forestalandia Forestland
Spanish Jungla Jungle