Jungle (Donkey Kong)

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First appearance Donkey Kong (Game Boy) (1994)
Levels 12 (11 regular, 1 boss level)
Previous world(s) Ship
Next world(s) Desert

Jungle is the fourth world featured in the Game Boy title Donkey Kong. It is the first world where Donkey Kong Jr. is encountered, although Donkey Kong is also faced off against in some levels, sometimes with Donkey Kong Jr. at his side. Jungle is accessed by completing the Ship world, and completing Jungle unlocks the path to the Desert world.

Jungle could be considered the precursor to Kongo Jungle, although this connection has not been officially established. This is supported by the idea that Mario accesses Jungle after completing Ship, which takes place on a large ship resembling the Gang-Plank Galleon. The Super Game Boy Player's Guide also states that the Jungle is their natural habitat.


Image Name Description Enemies
Stage 4-1 Mario has an opportunity to climb the vines where he can crash coconuts onto enemies. Kaibādo
Stage 4-2 Because of the conveyor belts that are linked in the opposite direction, the only thing for Mario to dodge Dōryī's attacks is to climb the ropes and jump to reach the key. Dōryī
Stage 4-3 Here, Mario can hold on to the big tails to cross the river of Bukubukus. Bukubuku
Stage 4-4 With Donkey Kong Jr. on the lever, Mario has to wait for him to turn on the bridge and watch out for the trampolines thrown by Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong Jr.
Stage 4-5 When Mario gets the key, he should be cautious before going down and heading for the door. Dorakyū
Stage 4-6 Here's an obstacle that you have at this stage, which are the sensitive floors. This time Mario must get the key and he must also make the enemies stay out of reach. Sniper
Stage 4-7 Donkey Kong Jr. controls the lever in this phase where you control the bridges. So Mario must hurry with the key without it falling to the ground. Donkey Kong Jr.
Stage 4-8 Mario must dodge the poisonous mushrooms that Donkey Kong throws at. Snapjaw
Stage 4-9 This level is a puzzle, Mario has to turn on the levers that open the doors and bridges. The importance of this is to make the monkeys go to the right spot and go after the key when you open the door with the lever. None
Stage 4-10 Mario will have to go up with the key where he will need the help of the frogs and throw the key on top to catch it in a hurry. Snapjaw
Stage 4-11 Several difficulties that Mario had faced. He'd passed conveyor belts, waited for the stairs to climb and dodged the toadstools. Donkey Kong Jr.
Stage 4-12 In the fourth battle that follows, Mario has to throw the barrels at Donkey Kong. In doing so, Mario has to watch out for the Poison Mushrooms that Donkey Kong throws upon being hit. None


  • 'Super Game Boy Player's Guide (page 37): "Donkey Kong and son feel quite at home in this level. The jungle is their natural habitat, after all. Our Brooklyn-born plumber, however, is a bit out of his element. On their home turf, Donkey Kong and Junior will make Mario's life tough."