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Letter DKC2 sprite.png Gorilla Glacier Letter DKC2 sprite.png
Gorilla Glacier DKC SNES.png
The full map of Gorilla Glacier in Donkey Kong Country
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Advance) (2003)
Located Kong Isle
Levels 7 (6 regular, 1 boss level)
Previous world(s) Vine Valley
Next world(s) Kremkroc Industries, Inc.
World map
Kongo JungleMonkey MinesVine ValleyGorilla GlacierKremkroc Industries Inc.Chimp CavernsGang-Plank Galleon
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Gorilla Glacier is a snow-covered area on the peak of Kong Isle, in which it appears in Donkey Kong Country. It is the fourth world, and comes after Vine Valley but before Kremkroc Industries, Inc.. Aside from taking place during heavy snowstorms, Gorilla Glacier features a frozen lake, ice caverns filled with crystals, a small pine forest, and a village within the treetops. Really Gnawty is the world boss.

It has been implied that Gorilla Glacier is the same location as the Ice World from DK: King of Swing and Volcano from Donkey Kong Country Returns,[1] the latter after all of its ice was thawed.


Image Level Description Enemies Animal Friends
Snow Barrel Blast.png Snow Barrel Blast Here is the first snow stage where the pair goes through more cannon barrels. In addition to the slippery ice, the blizzard that covers the screen getting in the way of shooting.
  • Bonus Level 1: Behind the stage start.
  • Bonus Level 2: Behind from Krusha.
  • Bonus Level 3: Jump below the second automatic barrel behind the letter N.
Slipslide Ride.png Slipslide Ride The pair climb on two hope types where one slides up and the other slides down.
  • Bonus Level 1: Above the beginning of the level where the pair will have to climb the blue rope.
  • Bonus Level 2: Behind from Krusha.
  • Bonus Level 3: Behind the first purple rope where the wall must be broken.
Ice Age Alley.png Ice Age Alley This time the climate from this stage will be the opposite, the blizzard will end when the pair go ahead. The Expresso will be of great help in this stage to reach the bonus levels.
  • Bonus Level 1: Behind from 2 Neckies.
  • Bonus Level 2: The pair need the Expresso to jump and fly off a ledge with a steel keg to reach the bonus barrel.
Manky Kong
Croctopus Chase.png Croctopus Chase In these icy waters, the pair will need to escape the blue Croctopus and the new enemies are the Squidges. Squidge
Chomps Jr.
Torchlight Trouble.png Torchlight Trouble This level takes place in a dark cave, in which Squawks makes his first and only appearance to use a flashlight to light up the darkened cave. Obstacles such as Oil Drums and Mincers appear within the area.
  • Bonus Level 1: In the wall where the barrel is above.
  • Bonus Level 2: Behind wall on end of the stage.
Klaptrap (bonus stage)
Rope Bridge Rumble.png Rope Bridge Rumble Another treetop town in the middle of the glacier where the pair must jump on tires placed on stone platforms.
  • Bonus Level 1: In the second pit.
  • Bonus Level 2: In the banana above.
Really Gnawty Rampage.png Boss level: Really Gnawty Rampage The battle is similar to Very Gnawty's. The only difference is that if Really Gnawty is trampled, he will jump up very high and get progressively faster until it drops to the ground through the last trampling he receives. None None


  • Donkey Kong Country instruction booklet (page 21): "The snowcapped peaks of Donkey Kong Country are rarely climbed due to the hazardous conditions found at such high elevations. The ground is like solid ice and does not offer a firm foothold for the explorer. Blinding blizzards often strike without warning. The resulting lack of visibility can make the already challenging obstacles in this area next to impossible!'"
  • Donkey Kong Country Prima Official Game Guide (page 91): "You spend most of the time in icy outdoor environments, freezing your fur off and stopping sooner than expected to avoid a nasty fall. Some of the stages are initially confusing (such as Ice Age Alley and Slipslide Ride) and you may think the exit is never coming—hang in there and pull off an eventual completion. Then return to master the stages."


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レベル4 ホワイトマウンテン
Reberu 4 Howaito maunten
Level 4 White Mountain
French Glacier de gorille Gorilla's Glacier
German Gorilla-Gletscher Gorilla Glacier
Italian Gorilla al Polo Nord Gorilla at the North Pole
Spanish Glaciar Gorila Gorilla Glacier


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