Gold Rambi Rider

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Gold Rambi Rider
Gold Rambi Rider.png
First appearance Mario Kart Tour (Animal Tour) (2022)
Variant of Rambi Rider

The Gold Rambi Rider is a High-End kart that was introduced in the Animal Tour of Mario Kart Tour. As the name simply indicates, the kart is a gold variant of the Rambi Rider, including the tires. The golden Rambi head also bears a resemblance to the Rambi Token from Donkey Kong Country. Unlike the Rambi Rider, this kart increases the duration of Jump Boosts and the number of points earned for performing a Jump Boost.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジャングルゴールド
Janguru Gōrudo
Jungle Gold
Chinese (Simplified) 金色丛林货运
Jīnsè Cónglín Huòyùn
Golden Rambi Rider
Chinese (Traditional) 金色叢林貨運
Jīnsè Cónglín Huòyùn
Golden Rambi Rider
French Rambi mobile d'or Golden Rambi Rider
German Gold-Rambi-Jeep Gold Rambi Rider
Italian Rino sprint dorato Golden Rambi Rider
Korean 정글골드
Jeonggeul Goldeu
Jungle Gold
Portuguese Jipe Rambi ouro Gold Rambi Rider
Spanish Rambi Rally dorado Golden Rambi Rider