Garbage Can Ghost

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Garbage Can Ghost

Mario Power Tennis screenshot
Franchise Mario
First appearance Luigi's Mansion (2001, overall)
Mario Power Tennis (2004, with Donkey Kong)
Latest appearance Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS) (2018, overall)
New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis (2009, with Donkey Kong)
Species origin Ghost
Variant of Ghost

Garbage Can Ghosts are large, green ghosts from the Luigi's Mansion series, making their debut in the titular game. Garbage Can Ghosts carry a banana with them, which they eat before throwing the discarded Banana Peel onto the ground.

Mario Power Tennis is the first game in which Garbage Can Ghosts appear alongside Donkey Kong. Here, Garbage Can Ghosts are one of the ghosts featured in the Luigi's Mansion Court, where they serve as a court hazard by dropping banana peels on to the ground. Garbage Can Ghosts are among the ghosts featured in the Terror Tennis minigame, as one of the ghosts that characters must prevent from escaping from their painting. Like the other ghosts, the Garbage Can Ghost's painting is based on that of the Portait Ghosts from Luigi's Mansion. In particular, the Garbage Can Ghost's painting bears the closest resemblance to Chauncey's silver portrait from Luigi's Mansion, having nearly the same red background.

In Mario Kart Arcade GP 2, Garbage Can Ghost makes a cameo as artwork in the Yoshi Park 2. In it, the leaves atop its head are replaced with a hood-like point.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ナバーナ
Anagram of "banana", with the second vowel elongated
Croatian Garbage Can Ghost[1]
Estonian Garbage Can Ghost[2]
French Fantôme Poubelle Garbage Can Ghost
German Müllkübel-Geist Garbage Can Ghost
Hungarian Kukás szellem[3] Garbage cane-y ghost
Italian Spettro spazzatura Phantom Trash
Korean 나바나
From the Japanese name
Latvian Atkritumu tvertnes spoks[4] Garbage can ghost
Lithuanian Šiukšlinės vaiduoklis[5] Garbage ghost
Romanian Fantoma coșului de gunoi[6] The ghost of the garbage can


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