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The electrician narrowly dodges a barrel thrown at him
First appearance Donkey Kong Jungle Action Special ("A Blast from the Past") (1995)
Species Human

The electrician is a character from the comic "A Blast from the Past" in the magazine Donkey Kong Jungle Action Special. His role is very similar to that of Mario's in the Donkey Kong arcade game.

The electrician appears in the flashback sequence when Cranky Kong tells the ace investigative reporter about the last time he saw Pauline. From outside a window, the electrician notices Cranky, then named "Donkey Kong," carrying Pauline to the top of a building, so the electrician starts climbing the building himself, believing that the event could be a publicity stunt but that Pauline is still possibly in danger. The electrician is hit by one of the barrels thrown by Donkey Kong, who tries to stop him, but the electrician taunts Donkey Kong by claiming that he has to throw a lot more barrels before he hits him again. The electrician is immediately swarmed by barrels and seemingly falls out of sight, leaving Donkey Kong to wonder where he went. The electrician then pops out of the barrel held by Donkey Kong, resulting in him being greatly scared.