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Diddy Kong
Diddy Kong.png
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Nintendo Switch) (2018, Donkey Kong franchise)
Mario Strikers: Battle League (version 1.2.0) (2022, overall)
Homeland Kong Island
Residence DK Treehouse
Family Cranky Kong (great-grandfather uncle)
Wrinkly Kong (great-grandmother aunt)
Donkey Kong Jr. (grandfather uncle)
Donkey Kong (uncle)
Species Kong
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Kong Family
Abilities Cartwheel
Double Jump
Enemies Kremling Krew
Tiki Tak Tribe
Portrayed by Mark Betteridge (1994–2004)[1]
Chris Sutherland (1997-2017)[2]
Katsumi Suzuki (2004–present)

Diddy Kong is the deuteragonist of the Donkey Kong franchise, and he first appears in Donkey Kong Country. Diddy is both the sidekick and nephew of Donkey Kong, and he has a girlfriend named Dixie Kong. Diddy is part of the Kong species, but is specifically based on a spider monkey. He wears a red shirt with a few large, yellow stars and a red cap bearing the Nintendo logo.

Several of Diddy's adventures take place in the Donkey Kong Country series, and he stars in the spinoff Diddy Kong Racing series. Diddy also appears in several spinoff titles within the Mario franchise, usually as a playable character. Similarly, Diddy is a playable fighter in some of the Super Smash Bros. series titles.


Diddy Kong is a pale-skinned monkey, brown fur, large tail, blue/brown eyes, wears a red cap and red shirt with yellow stars.


Donkey Kong Country / Donkey Kong Land series

Donkey Kong Country

In Donkey Kong Country, Diddy starts out as Donkey Kong's apprentice to guard the Banana Hoard until he is surprised by Klump with his half of Kremling Krew army, locked in a barrel and thrown into the foliage.[3] After being freed, Diddy partners with DK to retrieve the bananas and send the Kremlings off from Kong Island for good. The K. Rool's defeated and the Kremling Krew was not only DK's strength, but also Diddy's intelligence that helped DK in the adventures.

Donkey Kong Land

In Donkey Kong Land, returns as Donkey Kong's sidekick, this time to help him retrieve the Banana Hoard that is on K. Rool's hands.[4]

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

In Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, Diddy and his girlfriend Dixie risk their lives in the enemy territory of Crocodile Isle to save his uncle DK. Diddy goes through a lot on the island until he is finally able to rescue Donkey Kong from K. Rool's hands. Later, Diddy and Dixie return to Crocodile Isle to face K. Rool again in the Lost World until he defeats him again and accidentally destroys the island. The plot is the same in Donkey Kong Land 2.[5]

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

In Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, Diddy along with DK went explore the islands until they are captured by K. Rool and used to power KAOS.[6] After Dixie and Kiddy defeat K. Rool in the lab, Diddy along with DK emerge from KAOS' shell regaining consciousness.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

In Donkey Kong Country Returns, Diddy is the first to learn of the theft of the Banana Hoard by the animals that were hypnotized by Tiki Tak Tribe and tries to chase them to retrieve it. However, Diddy is trapped in a barrel again and accompanies Donkey Kong on another mission to retrieve the bananas again. In the end, he and Donkey Kong manage to destroy the tribe and recover the bananas.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

In Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Diddy was the first to be found by DK on Mangrove Cove when he and other Kongs were driven off from own island by the Snowmads during the DK's birthday party. He comes back with his Rocketbarrel Boost, uses his old Peanut Popgun when he's separated, enemies are turned into red Extra-Life Balloons using Kong POW along with DK and has his own barrel with the initials DD. After Lord Fredrik's expulsion, Diddy joined the victory band in which he plays two congas with two bongos hanging from them.

Diddy Kong Racing series

Diddy Kong Racing

In Diddy Kong Racing, Diddy had to help his neighbor Timber to drive Wizpig off his island in a race. So he calls two members of Kong Family for help. He and the racers (including Krunch) went through each location with circuits to drive Wizpig off the island. As a playable character, his Acceleration & Turning are 3 out of 5 and Top Speed is 2 out of 5.

Donkey Kong 64

In Donkey Kong 64, Diddy was the first Kong to be imprisoned by the Kremling Krew until he was saved by DK in Jungle Japes when he activated 3 Target Switchs opening his captivity. All of his color-coded items are red, he attacks with Chimpy Charge, he gets the Peanut Popgun, his instrument is a guitar, his barrel power is Rocketbarrel Boost and his pad is Simian Spring. Diddy is the first to battle Dogadon, he fights him by throwing TNT Barrels making him simply plummet from the lava. In the round 2, he defeats K. Rool where he had to use his jet and use his peanut gun to shoot the double targets in one of the 4 spotlights to make the same fall on the head in the Kremling king 4 times.

Donkey Konga series

In the Donkey Konga series, Diddy features his performances in the magic bongos as the second playable character and also as bad target in Bash K. Rool (in the 1st Donkey Konga only).

DK series

DK: King of Swing

In DK: King of Swing, Diddy can be chosen in the adventure mode when collecting the 24 DK Medals in the same mode with Donkey Kong. As playable in the Jungle Jam, his Jump is 4 out of 5 and Attack is 2 out of 5.

DK: Jungle Climber

In DK: Jungle Climber, Diddy was a great help to DK launching him, hitting high objects and reaching regions where he can't reach. Diddy also requires the use of three things, such as: hammer, feathers and torch. In Booster Battle, Diddy is the last adversary.

Donkey Kong Barrel Blast

In Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, Diddy is second playable character from selection in which his Boost is 3 out of 5, Speed is 2 out of 5 and Agility is 4 out of 5. His counterpart is the Kip.


In the Donkey Kong Country television series, Diddy Kong is the deuteragonist where he is accompanied to the DK in order to protect Crystal Coconut from K. Rool and his army.


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