Delfino Plaza

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This article is about the location. For the board in the Itadaki Street titles, see Delfino Plaza (board). For the Super Smash Bros. series stage, see Delfino Plaza (stage).
Delfino Plaza

Delfino Plaza, as it appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
First appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002, overall)
Mario Party 6 (2004, with Donkey Kong)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020, overall)
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018, with Donkey Kong)
Located Isle Delfino
Inhabitants Piantas

Delfino Plaza is the main hub of Isle Delfino in the Mario franchise. It bears the word "Delfino" (the Italian word for dolphin), and is mainly inhabited by Piantas. Delfino Plaza makes its first appearance in Super Mario Sunshine, and often draws reference to it in subsequent appearances. The first time it appears in a game with Donkey Kong is in Mario Party 6. Aside from Super Mario Sunshine, each of Delfino Plaza's appearances has Donkey Kong in it.


Mario Party 6[edit]

In Mario Party 6, the Donkey Kong minigame Banana Shake takes place in Delfino Plaza, even though Donkey Kong does not appear in Super Mario Sunshine. Additionally, a pier resembling the one near the entrance to Noki Bay (though with a Star in the floor design instead of a Shine Sprite and no fountain) appears in Pier Factor.

Fortune Street series[edit]

Delfino Plaza in Itadaki Street DS

In both Itadaki Street DS and Fortune Street, Delfino Plaza is featured as one of the playable boards. Unlike Mario Party 6, Delfino Plaza is very similar to its appearance in Super Mario Sunshine.

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

Delfino Plaza appears as a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It takes place mostly in the skies of Delfino Plaza, on a set of floating platforms. The platforms frequently land in different areas of the Plaza, changing the stage layout of the fight. For example, the platform may land in front of where the Grand Pianta Statue is. The platforms soon appear again and take the fighters to a different area.

Mario Power Tennis[edit]

Delfino Plaza Court

A Delfino Plaza Court appears in Mario Power Tennis. If the player chooses to play without gimmicks, the court has a zig-zag pattern with bright, neon colors. If the player plays with gimmicks, the court turns a greenish-blueish color with 3 circles that have Petey Piranha's face on them. If the ball touches the circle, a Proto Piranha will pop up out of the goop next to the court and spit goop on the circle. The goop slows the player down, but it can be removed by stepping on the FLUDD circle next to it.

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games[edit]

Delfino Plaza as it appears in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Delfino Plaza appears in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games as a Dream Event for Snow Day Street Hockey. There are 3 different arenas located on different parts of the plaza, one at the Grand Pianta Statue, one in the market place and another around houses near the cannon. Each arena has its own layout and hazards; the Grand Pianta Statue arena having banana peels and bouncy mushrooms on each side of the rink, the market place being full of brick blocks that can be turned into coins and the house rink having small holes in the wall the puck can go through. After doing so, a Pianta will throw a shell onto the rink which will act as the puck.


Delfino Plaza in Minecraft: Wii U Edition

Delfino Plaza appears in the premade world for the Super Mario Mash-up in Minecraft.


Fortune Street[edit]

"The largest metropolis on the southern resort of Isle Delfino. Once it was graffitied all over by the incorrigible Bowser Jr."


The music and theme of Delfino Plaza invokes Italian folk music. The melody alternates between guitar and accordion, while another guitar provides rhythm and an upright bass adds the pizzicato bassline. The melodies from Ricco Harbor, Gelato Beach, Bianco Hills, and The Staff Roll are all arrangements of Delfino Plaza's melody and are all written by Koji Kondo.

Aside from Super Mario Sunshine, the original song and arrangements of the song have returned in some games which Donkey Kong appears in:


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドルピックタウン
Dorupikku Taun
Dolphic Town
Chinese (Simplified) 德尔皮克镇[1]
Dé'ěrpíkè Zhèn
Dolphic Town
Chinese (Traditional) 德爾皮克鎮
Dé'ěrpíkè Zhèn
Dolphic Town
Dutch Delfino Plaza -
French Place Delfino Delfino Plaza
German Piazza Delfino Italian for "Dolphin Plaza"
Italian Delfinia
Korean 돌픽 타운
Dolpik Taun
Dolphic Town
Russian Площадь Дельфино
Ploshchad' Del'fino
Дельфино-Сити (Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games)
Delfino Plaza

Delfino City
Spanish Ciudad Delfino Delfino City