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DK's Tree House is a wooden hut constructed upon a tree within Kongo Jungle, and is where both Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong live. The location first appears in Donkey Kong Country.


In outside, is a wooden house up in the tree with the sign written DK. Inside it is decorated with a blue curtain with white polka dots, a table decorated with a white & red checkered cloth, a vase with flowers on the table, a bed, a red carpet with black edges, a painting with boats and a portrait of Candy. But the house is littered with barrels, bananas and tires.

In current games, the house is circular made of bamboo, thatched roof tied by a rope, red wooden door, a KONG sign on the front and is supported by a wooden structure. Inside it contains a white hammock, television, lamps made from coconuts hanging from the ropes, radio on top of the barrel, yellow carpet streaked with red and tires.


In Donkey Kong Country, the treehouse appears in Kong Island map and Kongo Jungle map. It also appears in the level Jungle Hijinxs as starting point and the entrance to this house can be accessed. Inside contains a tire and a red Extra-Life Balloon.

In Donkey Kong 64, the treehouse is located within Kong Isle from DK Isles where was starting location of the game. Initially appears on story intro where Donkey Kong is exercising with DK Rap music on a boombox until Squawks appears to alerts Donkey Kong the bad news.

In DK: King of Swing, the treehouse appears just as stage icon of Banana Bungalow in Jungle World.

In Donkey Kong Country Returns, the treehouse appears in Jungle and level Jungle Hijinxs. As starting point, is shown on cutscene where there was a confrontation between DK and Kalimba that ends in the brawl. Inside contains a red Extra-Life Balloon.

In Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the treehouse appears in level Homecoming Hijinxs where is seen on background in the start.