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This article is about global world. For the Kong homeland, see Kong Island.
DK Isles

DK Isles in Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Color), consisting of Kong Island and other islets to the left.
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (2014)
Located Metro Kingdom coast
Ruler Monarchy (some islands)
Inhabitants Kongs
“No! The time has come. Goodbye, DK Isles!”
K. Rool, Donkey Kong 64

DK Isles are a group of islands in the territorial waters of the Kong Island. It is the main setting of the Donkey Kong franchise since Donkey Kong Country.[1][2][3]


After Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Land, the main island of the archipelago, which is Kong Island, serves as a compass to other islands. The example is on Northern Kremisphere, Banana Fairy Island, Sun Sun Island and Secret Seclusion where are territorial lands from DK Island waters.[4][5]

Other islands that are neighboring the archipelago as Crocodile Isle and Timber Island are under rule. The Crocodile Isle was ruled by K. Rool in his dictatorship and the Timber Island is ruled by Timber's parents.[6][7] After the DK: Jungle Climber and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, a number of islands were shown far from the archipelago where there are many different inhabitants or bases of operations for Kremling Krew in some from them.

The name is mentioned by K. Rool in Donkey Kong 64 where the archipelago was under threat from him during the arrival of the artificial island with a powerful weapon called Blast-O-Matic.[8]


Donkey Kong 64

  • Instruction booklet bio from Cranky Kong (page 29): The once idyllic Kong Isle now has an unpleasant neighbor in the form of K. Rool's massive mechanical Crocodile Isle. This monstrosity towers over our homeland, withe the ridiculously named Blast-o-Matic device ready to reduce it to rubble. Between them, these two contrasting islands conceal the entrances to all the levels.


In the DK Island waters

K. Rool's property

Independent islands

Islands taken by Snowmads


Music themes

DK Isles - The theme that plays in main map from Donkey Kong 64.
File infoMedia:DK_Isles_1.oga
DK's Treehouse - DK's Treehouse theme from Donkey Kong 64.
File infoMedia:DK_Isles_1_(treehouse).oga
DK Isles: Jungle Japes - Jungle Japes' lobby theme in Donkey Kong 64.
File infoMedia:DK_Isles_1_(jungle_japes).oga
DK Isles: Angry Aztec - Angry Aztec's lobby theme in Donkey Kong 64.
File infoMedia:DK_Isles_1_(angry_aztec).oga
DK Isles: K. Rool's Island - K. Rool's Mobile Island Fortress music which is an negative version of DK Isles.
File infoMedia:DK_Isles_1_(k._rool's_island).oga
DK Isles: Frantic Factory - Frantic Factory's lobby theme in Donkey Kong 64.
File infoMedia:DK_Isles_1_(frantic_factory).oga
DK Isles: Gloomy Galleon - Gloomy Galleon's lobby theme in Donkey Kong 64.
File infoMedia:DK_Isles_1_(gloomy_galleon).oga
DK Isles: Fungi Forest - Fungi Forest's lobby theme in Donkey Kong 64.
File infoMedia:DK_Isles_1_(fungi_forest).oga
DK Isles: Crystal Caves - Crystal Caves' lobby theme in Donkey Kong 64.
File infoMedia:DK_Isles_1_(crystal_caves).oga
DK Isles: Creepy Castle - Creepy Castle's lobby theme in Donkey Kong 64.
File infoMedia:DK_Isles_1_(creepy_castle).oga
DK Isles: Hideout Helm - Hideout Helm's lobby theme in Donkey Kong 64.
File infoMedia:DK_Isles_1_(hideout_helm).oga
DK Isles: Snide's Hideout - Snide's hideout theme in Donkey Kong 64.
File infoMedia:DK_Isles_1_(snide).oga
Hideout Helm: Bonus Barrel - Bonus Barrel in Hideout Helm music which is an negative version of DK Isles.
File infoMedia:DK_Isles_1_(bonus_barrel).oga
K. Rool's Take-Off - 2nd part from the escape music.
File infoMedia:DK Isles 1 (chase).oga
Credits - Staff roll music in the arrangement of DK Isles.
File infoMedia:DK Isles 1 (credits).oga
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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese DKアイランド
DK Airando
DK Islands
French Iles DK DK Isles
German DK-Inselchen DK Isles
Spanish Islas Kong Kong Isles


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