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Cranky's Cabin is residence of same which is located in Kongo Jungle on Kong Island and always has changes in different games. The location first appears in Donkey Kong Country.

The cabin is shaped like a giant barrel, iron roofs, iron chimney, circular wooden base underneath, wooden railing, a rope ladder and a white sign with black phrases. The outside is littered with a giant banana, wooden & steel barrels, hose, crates, tools, iron bucket, drums and a rectangular bucket.

In Donkey Kong Country, the cabin was where Cranky gave various instructions about the game. In Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, there is a museum on Crocodile Isle in which the architecture is similar to the cabin and also belongs to Cranky.[1] In Donkey Kong 64, the cabin is changed to become a laboratory where Cranky fed various potions to the Kongs. In Donkey Kong Country Returns, the cabin becomes a shop where Cranky sells various items to pay his pension expenses.[2][3]




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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クランキーコングの小屋
Kurankī Kongu no Koya
Kurankī no Koya
Cranky Kong's Cabin

Cranky's Cabin (handheld versions); shared with Cranky's Hut
French Case de Cranky Cranky's Hut
German Crankys Hütte Cranky's Hut
Italian Capanna di Cranky Cranky's Hut
Spanish Choza de Cranky Cranky's Hut


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