Chunky Kong

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Chunky Kong

Donkey Kong 64 artwork
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
Homeland Kong Island
Family Kiddy Kong (younger brother)
Dixie Kong (cousin)
Tiny Kong (cousin)
Species Kong
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Kong Family
Abilities Primate Punch
Enemies Kremling Krew
Portrayed by Chris Sutherland (1999)
Chunky Kong is the Kiddy Kong's older brother and cousin of the Dixie Kong & Tiny Kong. Although much stronger than Donkey Kong, he is very cowardly and clumsy which first appears in Donkey Kong 64 as fifth from team.


Chunky is a taller gorilla with pale-pink skin, dark-brown fur, muscular arms, 4 fingers, 4 toes and brown eyes. His outfit is white shirt, red cap, blue vest with plaid vest (green & yellow) in back, 2 yellow buttons bordered with orange and black belt with golden buckle.


In Donkey Kong 64, Chunky was the last Kong to be imprisoned by the Kremling Krew until he was saved by Lanky in Frantic Factory when he presses his switch that the chain loosens and breaks his cage. All of his color-coded items are green, his barrel power is Hunky Chunky, he gets the Pineapple Launcher, his instrument is a triangle, he defeat the enemies with Primate Punch and his pad is Gorilla Gone. Chunky battle with Dogadon in Fungi Forest, he fights him throwing TNT Barrels and pummeling. In the round 5, he defeats K. Rool using his pad, his barrel and punch in his face several times.


Donkey Kong 64


  • "H-help me! Chunky d-doesn't like heights!" (first meeting)
  • "Someone h-help me! I'm s-scared!"
  • "Chunky free now. Thank you friend Lanky. Chunky can collect green bananas. Me wait in tag barrel until you need help." (freed)


  • Instruction booklet bio from Professor Cranky Kong (page 8): "Let me guess, this one’s the big guy? Sheesh, I don’t know how they come up with these names. Anyway, he’s Kiddy’s older brother and lists crushing, smashing and pounding Kremlings as his hobbies. Hey, perhaps there is a glimmer of hope for these bums after all. I bet he’s really slow though."
  • Nintendo Player's Guide (page 5): "He’s big. He’s bad. He plays the triangle. Chunky is something of a primate paradox: brutal when the situation demands it, yet almost meek at other times. He’s also not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so he’ll need all the help you can give him. If there’s heavy lifting to be done, however, Chunky is the monkey to see."
  • Nintendo Player's Guide (page 118): "The Chunkster has the strength to pin any of the Kongs, but that isn't his greatest strengh in the multiplayer games, because there aren't any big objects to lift. He has a great long-jump and a good spining attack, but no sliding attack."
  • Prima Official Game Guide (page 12): "The biggest of the DK crew (and voted "most likely to smash things"), Chunky Kong isn't the brightest ape, but he can lift heavy things. Chunky is a power machine, with a few soft spots in his heart. Chunky makes up for his slow and lumbering pace by being strong as a...gorilla."
German website
Name Chunky Kong
Occupation Wrestler
Hobbies Beating the triangle
Eating (a lot!)
Favorite dish Pineapple Compote
Favorite movie The Karate Kong 3
Greatest hero Kong Hogan
Description Although Chunky is young in years, he is nevertheless almost as strong as Donkey. The well-mannered giant gorilla is, in the truest sense of the word, a great guy, and sticks to Lanky, his uncle once-removed, like a leach. Chunky is crazy about toys and sees the Kremlings also as giant play figures whom one can give a good beating.
The giant ape, who is always in a good mood, feels most comfortable in company, especially when he can take part in a tournament of the best wrestlers.
Everyone wonders why Chunky, who is always pretty clumsy, always wins the tournaments. Lanky says it's because he beams at his opponents and throws them off their guard in this way.
Chunky has not been spared from being taken prisoner, either, and the solitude is especially difficult for him to take.
Hopefully, his friends will be at hand soon...



  • The character appears in Donkey Kong Country 3 GBA remake, in one of Funky Kong's minigames called Protect.