Chimp Caverns

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Letter DKC2 sprite.png Chimp Caverns Letter DKC2 sprite.png
Chimp Caverns.png
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (2014)
Located Kong Island
Levels 6 (5 regular, 1 boss level)
Previous world(s) Master Necky Sr.
Next world(s) Gang-Plank Galleon
World map
Kongo JungleMonkey MinesVine ValleyGorilla GlacierKremkroc Industries Inc.Chimp CavernsGang-Plank Galleon
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Chimp Caverns (also known as Crystal Caves and Cave)[1] is an underground area inside the Kong Island that was the sixth location in Donkey Kong Country & Donkey Kong 64 and the fourth location in Donkey Kong Country Returns.


The cave infests the entire mountain of Kong Island where it is connected by several tunnels. As shown in the corners, this cave contains a river, pools, lava waterfalls and ice crystals. With the arrival of the Kremling Krew, several mines were excavated and cabins built with various security systems (where it shows pictures of K. Rool as a pirate).[2] Another corner of the cave contains mushrooms, crystals, bombs and a village where the Moles live.


In Donkey Kong Country, the cave was explored by DK & Diddy as the sixth stage of the quest to reclaim the Banana Hoard and of course served as Klump's escape location with half of the Kremling Krew. Here the pair had to race against time supplying the fuel-powered platforms, dodging all of the mincers, passing through the mist, turning on the lights that went out in a matter of seconds, facing Krusha, having the battle against Master Necky Sr. to recover the sixth banana and finally left to face K. Rool in the Gang-Plank Galleon.

In Donkey Kong 64 named Crystal Caves, the quintet had access to enter a part of it when they had 65 Golden Bananas. Here the quintet had to pass the challenges on igloo, pass tests on cabins, end the earthquake caused by Kosha in the cave above through Tiny and DK faces Army Dillo for the second time.

In Donkey Kong Country Returns named Cave, was explored by the pair for the third time as the fourth stage of the journey to recover bananas from hoard. They rode in the Mine Cart several times, traveled by Barrel Rocket getting into trouble with moles & Squeeklys and had the fourth battle against Banjo Bottom to free Max from his control.

In Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the factory became the fourth stage of the sixth location and covered in ice with rest of Kong Island.


Donkey Kong Country
Stages Description Enemies Animail Friends
Tanked Up Trouble.png
Tanked Up Trouble
The stage is very similar with Trick Track Trek, but this time the platform is powered by fuel. That's why the duo must hurry to supply the platform or they will lose their lives instantly.
  • Bonus Level 1: Below the first vertical line.
Manic Mincers.png
Manic Mincers
As the name says, the cave is full of mincers that block every corner and the pair must be careful not to lose Rambi with it.
  • Bonus Level 1: In the wall behind the second Krusha.
  • Bonus Level 2: In a tunnel above.
  • Bonus Level 3: In the wall after the last Gnawty.
Klaptrap (bonus level)
Misty Mine.png
Misty Mine
The duo goes through a mine filled with mist and several skull drums where each of them summon different creatures.
  • Bonus Level 1: Below the end of the third pit.
  • Bonus Level 2: It's on the high wall below.
Necky Nutmare.png
Necky Nutmare (GBC)
This stage only appears in the Game Boy Color remake.
  • Bonus Level 1: In the barrel cannon on the left side of the high area where the skull drum that summons the Armies.
Loopy Lights.png
Loopy Lights
The level is similar to Stop & Go Station, only this time DK & Diddy must activate the On and Off barrels because of the darkness. Enemies and platforms visibly can't be seen very well in the dark, so the pair must fire up those barrels and run in a hurry before they go out in a matter of seconds.
  • Bonus Level 1: Below the first pit.
  • Bonus Level 2: Take the barrel that is under Necky and break the high wall.
Manky Kong
Platform Perils.png
Platform Perils
Here is full of platforms with arrows where the pair must travel. The problem is Krusha blocking the passage of the duo that is on the platforms.
  • Bonus Level 1: At the beginning of the stage where the player must go to a platform that is below the first platform.
  • Bonus Level 2: Below the end of the stage.
Necky's Revenge.png
Necky's Revenge
The battle is similar to Master Necky's. Only the difference is that if Master Necky Sr. is trampled, he spit a number of coconuts until he fell to the ground for the last floor he receives. None None
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Kongs Golden Bananas
Donkey Kong (DK64).png
Donkey Kong
Win a Bonus Barrel in the Baboon Blast.
In one of the 5 apartments.
In one of the cabins.
In one of the 5 doors of igloo (if Diddy activates the star).
Take the Blueprint from Kasplat (yellow hair) and give it to Snide.
Diddy Kong (DK64).png
Diddy Kong
Win a Bonus Barrel in the waterfall.
In one of the 5 apartments.
In one of the 5 apartments. (above)
In one of the 5 doors of igloo.
Take the Blueprint from Kasplat (red hair) and give it to Snide.
Lanky Kong.png
Lanky Kong
In one of the 5 apartments. (receive OrangSprinty from Cranky first)
In one of the 5 doors of igloo.
In the ice castle.
Winning the slide race and collecting 50 coins.
Take the Blueprint from Kasplat (blue hair) and give it to Snide.
Tiny Kong (DK64).png
Tiny Kong
Win a Barrel Bonus.
Going to Monkeyport (if she got Cranky's potion).
In one of the 5 apartments.
In one of the 5 doors of igloo.
Take the Blueprint from Kasplat (purple hair) and give it to Snide.
Chunky Kong.png
Chunky Kong
Activate Gorilla Gone at the start (if he got Cranky's potion).
In one of the 5 apartments.
In one of the 5 doors of igloo.
Place the small boulder on switch and do the same with the big one.
Take the Blueprint from Kasplat (green hair) and give it to Snide.
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Stages Description Enemies
Rickety Rails.png
Rickety Rails
The pair starts to go in the cave that is below the ruins where they will pass by several mine carts.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: Behind the background tree.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Hidden in front of the rock wall.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: In the bonus area located on the back wall below after mid-level.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: In the bonus area where a barrel is under the rickety walkway.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: In the top platform.
Tiki Goon
Grip 'n' Trip.png
Grip 'n' Trip
It's not just the mine carts that the pair will travel through in this stage, it's also the trains that carry a structure with grass below to hold.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: At the end of the tracks above.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: In the bonus area where a barrel is under the end of the eighth track.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: Jump on a Tiki Buzz to reach the puzzle.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Hidden in a plant in front of the checkpoint.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Go to the mine cart with 2 Tiki Buzzes.
Tiki Buzz
Bombs Away.png
Bombs Away
As the name implies, the pair will deal with a Mole that will attack with bombs destroying everything in its path.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: In the tracks above.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: In the tracks below.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: In the tracks below where there is a banana.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Above the crystals.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: In the bonus area located at the end of the level.
Mole Patrol.png
Mole Patrol
The pair will deal with a number of Moles in a Barrel Rocket ride and a train will send the entire patrol. But first, the pair need to buy a key from Cranky's shop to unlock this level.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: In the bonus area located at the beginning of the level.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: Take a row of bananas with the K together.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: Take a row of bananas after the checkpoint.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Hit all the Moles on the part of the curved rails.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Hidden in the plant at the end of the level.
Crowded Cavern.png
Crowded Cavern
The pair awakens a family of Squeeklies by the barrel rocket's noise, a number of them are enraged and want to attack.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: When the walkway starts to break, turn around to pick up the piece that will fall.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: In the bonus area located behind below.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: It's between a handful of bananas.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: Behind the giant Squeekly.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: It's below the walkway.
Jagged Jewels.png
Jagged Jewels
The pair will have to go through several lethal mechanisms filled with sharp jewels. For that, you have to complete the letters KONG in all the phases of the place.
  • Puzzle Piece 1: It's in the third pitcher.
  • Puzzle Piece 2: It's in the fifth pitcher.
  • Puzzle Piece 3: It's on top of the second pillar of diamonds.
  • Puzzle Piece 4: It is below where the pillar of diamonds from the roofs.
  • Puzzle Piece 5: Above the arrow barrel.
Tiki Goon
Tiki Boing
The Mole Train.png
The Mole Train
In this battle, the pair must go from cart to cart to fight Max and his patrol (who are being controlled by Banjo Botton). Mole


Donkey Kong Country

“Donkey Kong Island has so many caves, tunnels and mines, it's almost like a giant block of Swiss cheese. There are many types of caves, including some made out of solid ice! Caves have many secret passages and, of course, are full of Kremlings. Tires play an important part in spelunking through the caves. Use their enhaced bouncing ability to reach out-of-the-way places.”
Donkey Kong Country Instruction Booklet, page 22
“Chimp Caverns is a triumph of difficult levels with an emphasis on leaps of faith, cunningly positioned devices and traps, and routines requiring the precise timing and maneuvering. The final level, Platform Perils, is perhaps the most difficult stage in all of platform gaming! Now go in there and get those Bananas!”
Donkey Kong Country Returns Prima Official Game Guide, page 143

Donkey Kong 64

“Yep, I knew they’d have an icy-type crystal level in there somewhere. This one’s a bit unstable though – very prone to dangerous falling rocks, bouncing off my lab roof and your dopey heads – only it doesn’t hurt my roof! Find a way into the numerous giant igloos and creepy log cabins, but I wouldn’t stray into the path of the club-wielding Koshas if I were you, which happily I’m not.”
Cranky Kong, Donkey Kong 64 Instruction Booklet, page 21
“An icy wind blows through the catacombs of DK Island. The caves inside the isle's highlands are encrusted with rimes of ice and jagged ore deposits. There's never a safe spot to spelunk, as K. Rool's crew constantly shakes the stalactites down.”
Donkey Kong 64 Player's Guide, page 85

Donkey Kong Country Returns

“This fourth world takes you deep inside Donkey Kong Island. The Cave features lots of levels in which you ride around in mine carts. You must jump at just the right time and duck down so you don't get hurt in areas with low clearance. Your main enemies here are Mole Miners and Squeeklies. Just remember, those mine carts don't have any brakes.”
Donkey Kong Country Returns Prima's official game guide, page 19




Names in other languages

Chimp Caverns
Language Name Meaning
Japanese レベル6 やみのいりえ
Reberu 6 Yami no irie
Level 6 Dark Cove
French Caves des Chimpanzés Chimpanzee Caverns
German Affenklein Höhle Small Ape Cave
Italian Gole di Gorilla Gorilla's Gorges
Spanish Cavernas Chimpancé Chimpanzee Caverns
Crystal Caves
Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリスタルどうくつ
Kurisutaru Dōkutsu
Crystal Cave
French Caverne-Cristal Crystal Cavern
German Kristall Kaverne Crystal Cavern
Italian Grotte di Cristallo Crystal Cave
Spanish Cueva Cristalina Crystalline Cave
Language Name Meaning
Japanese どうくつエリア
Dōkutsu Eria
Cave Area
French Caverne Cave
German Höhle Cave
Italian Caverne Cave
Spanish Cueva Cave