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A fence in Drop Shot, a Super Mario Party minigame

A Chain-Link is a recurring object within the Mario games, especially the Super Mario series. A Chain-Link is a fence that a character can climb along the surface of and punch it to defeat enemies on the other side, usually Climbing Koopas. In some games, there are panels that a character can use to flip themselves to the other side. Chain-Links are usually light gray, but have also been shown in varying colors such as brown or blue.

A Chain-Link makes its first overall appearance in Super Mario World, but Chain-Links have also made a few Donkey Kong-related appearances within a few Mario Party games, which generically names them fences. A Chain-Link makes its first Donkey Kong-related appearance in Mario Party 8, where one appears in the DK's Treetop Temple board.

In Mario Party 9, a Chain-Link appears in the Bowser Jr. minigame Cage Match. It is based on its appearance in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

In Super Mario Party, a fence is featured within the 1-vs.-3 minigame Drop Shot, in which three characters climb around on a fence, having to avoid bombs from the other character.