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A Bramball's appearance in Mario Golf: Super Rush
First appearance New Super Mario Bros. Wii (2009, overall)
Mario Golf: Super Rush (version 4.0.0) (2021, with Donkey Kong content)

Bramballs[1][2] are orange Pokey-esque enemies with a permanent frown, brambles for legs, and yellow suction cup-like feet. Bramballs appear in a few of the New Super Mario Bros. games, and make their debut appearance in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The first time Bramballs appear in a game with Donkey Kong content is Mario Golf: Super Rush, in which they were introduced in the version 4.0.0 update. Here, Bramballs appear in Shelltop Sanctuary and the Forest course of Target Golf. In Shelltop Sanctuary, four Bramballs stand in a row on a waste area, while one stands on two elevated slabs of stone. If a Bramball gets hit by a golf ball, it rotates its head all the way around.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イバラムシ[3]
Ibara Mushi
Bramble Bug
Chinese 荆棘虫 (Simplified)
荊棘蟲 (Traditional)
Jīngjí Chóng
Bramble Bug
French Alfronce From the French name "Alphonse" and "ronce" (bramble)
German Häcki From "hecke" (hedge)
Italian Pungipalla Portmanteau of "pungi" (sting) and "palla" (ball)
Korean 덩굴벌레
Deonggul Beolle
Vine Bug
Portuguese (Europe) Carambola Possibly from "bola" (ball) and the interjection "caramba", equivalent to "geez" in English. The word "carambola" also means "starfruit"
Russian Колючконога
Portmanteau of "колючий" (kolyuchiy, barbed) and "нога" (noga, leg)
Spanish (Americas) Zarzabola From "zarza" (bramble) and "bola" (ball).
Spanish (Europe) Espinarco From "espina" (spine) and "arco" (arc)


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