Barrel Batter

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Barrel Batter

Gameplay screenshot
Appears in Mario Superstar Baseball (2005)
Controls Control Stick Move character either left or right
A Button Charge baseball bat (hold button), swing baseball bat

Barrel Batter is a minigame featured in the Donkey Kong Jungle in Mario Superstar Baseball. It is also available in Challenge Mode, and can be played in multiplayer with players taking turns. An Adobe Flash version called Barrel Blast was released through Camp Hyrule in 2005 as well as the website.


The player's character must hit the ball into the row of Barrels, which appear in front of the player. The Barrels come in three colors: blue, red and yellow. The more Barrels of the same color touch, the more points the player can score if they hit that color Barrel. After hitting a certain amount of Barrels, a Bob-omb Barrel drops onto the wall of Barrels. If it is hit on the first swing after it drops (which is very hard), then all of the Barrels will blow up, earning around 860 points and three extra balls. The player has to score as many points as they possibly can.


  • Mario Superstar Baseball instruction booklet (page 29): "Hit balls into barrels to break them. When barrels of the same color are adjacent, hitting one of those barrels will cause all of them to break. Doing so will build up your barrel gauge, which will cause a bonus barrel to appear once it is filled. If you break the bonus barrel with your next hit, all the barrels will be destroyed."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バレルヒッター
Bareru Hittā
Barrel Hitter